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CAHSEE Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE).

FAQs About the Suspension of the CAHSEE
Frequently asked questions about the suspension of the CAHSEE and the implementation of Senate Bill 172.

Q & A for CAHSEE Exemption for Eligible Students with Disabilities
Exemption of the Requirement to Pass the CAHSEE as a Condition of Graduation from High School for Eligible Students with Disabilities: California Education Code Section 60852.3.

Q & A About Individual Student Results
Questions and answers for parents and guardians regarding reporting of student CAHSEE results.

Q & A About Individual Student Results (Spanish translation)
Preguntas y respuestas para los padres y tutores en cuanto a reporter los resultados de los estudiantes en el examen de CAHSEE.

Q & A About Test Variations
Questions and answers about the CAHSEE test variations, including accommodations, modification, and the waiver process.

Q & A for Adult Students
Questions and answers regarding Adult Education and the CAHSEE.

Questions: High School & Physical Fitness Assessment Office | | 916-445-9449 
Last Reviewed: Friday, December 9, 2016
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    Worksheet used by school site staff to track the assignment and delivery of the accessibility resources listed on California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress Matrix One to all students.
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    This is the sample studentID and Selection of Designated Supports form as provided at the 2017 CAASPP Institute.
  • Standard Process Planning Tool (DOC) (added 24-Mar-2017)
    this is the Standard Process for Identifying Students Planning Tool.
  • Sample Student Process Sheet LS (PDF) (added 24-Mar-2017)
    SAMPLE student - Lilia Schultz - Identification and Selection of student Designated Supports Data Sheet.
  • Equity Activity (DOC) (added 24-Mar-2017)
    This is the Equity Activity as provided at the 2017 CAASPP Institute.