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STAR CST Blueprints

Description of the content requirements for English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics, History-Social Science, Science, and Integrated Science areas evaluated by the California Standards Test (CST).

English-Language Arts

Blueprints Preface

Grades 2 to 11 (DOC)


Blueprints Preface

Grades 2 to 7 (DOC)

General Math (DOC)

Algebra I (DOC)

Algebra II (DOC)

Geometry (DOC)

Summative High School Math (DOC)

Integrated Mathematics

Integrated 1 (DOC)

Integrated 2 (DOC)

Integrated 3 (DOC)

History-Social Science

Blueprints Preface

Grade 6/8 (DOC)

World History (DOC)

Grade 11 (DOC)


Blueprints Preface

Grade 5 Science (DOC)

Grade 8 Science (DOC)

Grade 10 Life Science (DOC)

Biology/Life Sciences (DOC)

Chemistry (DOC)

Earth Sciences (DOC)

Physics (DOC)

Integrated Sciences

Integrated 1 (DOC)

Integrated 2 (DOC)

Integrated 3 (DOC)

Integrated 4 (DOC)

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Last Reviewed: Monday, November 7, 2016
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