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Assessment Flash Updates

Latest news about assessments, including the Smarter Balanced Field Test.

Updates about assessment provided by the California Department of Education. Please forward these flash announcements to all educators who may want to stay apprised of the latest information about assessment. If you would like Flash updates via e-mail notification, subscribe to the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) listserv by sending a blank message to If you would like to unsubscribe from the Flash listserv, send a blank message to

Smarter Balanced Field Test Flash

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #20 (Dated 2-June-2014) Topics include: Link to the Smarter Balanced webinar: Orientation to the Digital Library and the User Provisioning (registration) Process.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #19 (Dated: 20-May-2014) Topics include: Links to the CalTAC (ETS) e-mail archive; Adjusting Volume During Testing; parent guide and parent letter templates (in English and Spanish); flyers for the Field Test Videos (in English and Spanish); and the Appeals Guidance document.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #18 (Dated: 2-May-2014) Topics include: Opportunity to preview the Digital Library from June 3 through September 30.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #17 (Dated: 28-Apr-2014) Topics include: Topics include: Mid-testing and Post-testing surveys distributed by ETS to LEA CAASPP coordinators, information and a link to the TIDE Appeals Guidance document, and a link to two new videos (Item Types on the Smarter Balanced Test and Best Practices for Successful Online Testing).
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #16 (Dated 15-Apr-2014) Topics include: A new Spanish-language version of the Smarter Balanced Field Test Web page now available, a new Spanish-language video, and new Field Test FAQs.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #15 (Dated 8-Apr-2014) Topics include: Three new videos about the Smarter Balanced Field Test now available, Field Test system downtime, and keyboard commands for students.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #14 (Dated 28-Mar-2014) Topics include: Test security protocols outlined in the California Online Field Test Administration Manual.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #13 (Dated 25-Mar-2014) Topics include: A parent and guardian letter template now available in nine languages, Online Reporting System User Guide now available.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #12 (Dated 13-Mar-2014) Topics include: Smarter Balanced has posted six new resources to the Field Test Portal.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #11 (Dated 13-Mar-2014) Topics include: Local educational agency (LEA) assignments for performance task topics and classroom activities.
  • Field Test Flash - Issue #10 (Dated 10-Mar-2014) Topic include: Field Test Webinar, iOS 7 update.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #9 (Dated 06-Mar-2014) Topics include: Field Test Video, Table including question and response, Embedded resources table.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #8 (Dated 05-Mar-2014) Topics include: Test Security Affidavit.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #7 (Dated 03-Mar-2014) Topics include: Matrix One and CAASPP Accessibility Support Request Form.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #6 (Dated 28-Feb-2014) Topics include: Adjustment to the assignment of the Field Test classroom activity.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #5 (Dated 21 Feb-2014) Topics include: A parent and guardian notification letter template and Training Test Webinar.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #4 (Dated 19-Feb-2014) Topics include: Launch of its revised Smarter Balanced Field Test Web page.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #3 (Dated 12-Feb-2014) Topics include: Release of Smarter Balanced Training Tests and new training modules.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #2 (Dated 11-Feb-2014) Topics include: Release of Field Test videos for students; Training Test calculator for different grade levels.

  • Field Test Flash - Issue #1 (Dated 07-Feb-2014) Topics include: How to sign up to receive Field Test Flash; release of Field Test Administration Manual; deadline for updating demographic data in CALPADS.
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