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AAV of SBE Item 24 Attachment 2

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of Item 24 Attachment 2 from the March 7-8, 2012 State Board of Education (SBE) meeting. The scanned Item 24 Attachment 2 (PDF; 462KB; 2pp.) version is considered to be the official version of the document.

United States Department of Education

Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Date Stamp - December 20, 2011

Program Memorandum OVAE/DAEL FY 2012-01

To: State Directors of Adult Education

From: Brenda Dann-Messier (with Initial/Signature)

Subject: Extension of the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act

This memorandum describes our policy in implementing an extension of the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA). This action is necessary to give States as much advance notice and flexibility as possible in submitting any revisions needed in current State plans, including establishment of performance levels for the coming program year.

Need for Revising Current State Plans

State plans are required for States to receive allotments under AEFLA. Last year, the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) approved a one-year extension of operating plans, but those extensions will expire on June 30, 2012. The States and OVAE need to agree upon new performance targets for the coming year, and the new targets must be incorporated into the existing State plans as a revision.

As you know, there is a great variation in adult education performance outcomes among the States. We have in place a data quality checklist that State directors must use to certify data accuracy, when data is submitted to OVAE.

Requirements for Revising Current State Plans

Set forth here is the process to complete State plan revisions (See AEFLA sections 224(c) and (d)):

  1. Revisions, including the agreed upon new performance targets, must be submitted to OVAE no later than April 2, 2012. Each State must indicate whether it intends to extend current grants for one year, or conduct a one-year competition.
  2. It is advisable to discuss proposed targets with OVAE prior to submission, to ensure that levels are appropriate and approvable. Beginning in late February, OVAE will start contacting State directors by telephone to discuss the proposed Program Year 2012-2013 performance levels.
  3. Revisions must be submitted to the Governor, and any comments made by the Governor must be submitted to OVAE with the plan revisions.
  4. Revisions must include any new uses of funds incorporated in the existing State plan.
  5. Revisions must include updated certifications and assurances with original signatures.

Please feel free to contact your area coordinator for technical assistance in meeting these requierments. We look forward to working with you.


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