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Child Nutrition Advisory Council Directory

Members of the California State Board of Education Child Nutrition Advisory Council.


Name Membership Category

Initial Appt. Date

Term Expires

Carol Chase
(Interim Executive Secretary)

Department of Education

Cody Williams School Food Services Supervisor/Manager 1/11/15 1/11/18
Dena Boortz School Nutrition Services Director 1/11/15 1/11/18
Clell Hoffman Child Care Food Program Sponsor 1/11/12 1/11/18
Helen Chang PTA Representative 1/11/15 1/11/18
Barbara Rohrer School Board Member 1/11/12 1/11/17
Lucy McProud

Consultant Position

12/2005 1/11/17
Trish Vance Curriculum Coordinator 1/11/12 1/11/17

Nori Grossman

Nutrition Education Specialist 1/11/12 1/11/18
John Shimko Classroom Teacher 1/11/15 1/11/18
Lawrence Herrera School Administrator 1/11/12 1/11/17

Caroline Danielson

After School (Lay) Representative 1/11/12 1/11/18


Secondary Advisory Student Representative


Niki Sandoval

State Board of Education Liaison N/A N/A
Questions:   State Board of Education | 916-319-0827
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