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VAPA Standards Discussion Questions

Focus Group Discussion Questions of the 2018 Revision of the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Standards.

The primary goal for revising the Visual and Performing Arts standards in California is to outline a progression of learning in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in California's arts education that not only aligns with the National Core Arts Standards, but also provides all students with opportunities to develop competencies in the five arts disciplines and prioritizes equity and diversity to broaden student access to the arts.

Discussion of the following questions will ensure that the revision of California’s Visual and Performing Arts Standards for California Public Schools: Pre-Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (VAPA Standards) includes the voice of arts educators in California.

  1. Identify some goals for arts education. At the end of their Pre-K–12 studies, students engaged in learning California’s VAPA Standards should …

  2. The task at hand is to update California’s VAPA Standards to reflect the content and structure of the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS). What suggestions do you have for updating them based on the structure, the scope and sequence, and the disciplines covered in the NCAS?

  3. What content in each of the core artistic disciplines should be covered in Pre-K–12 VAPA education?
    • What knowledge and capabilities would define a college-ready student in each discipline?
    • What knowledge and capabilities would define a career-ready student in each discipline?

  4. Finally, what other recommendations do you have to ensure that California’s VAPA Standards will be a useful tool for California’s educators?

The public at large, and members of the public who are participating at either the primary location or the videoconference meeting sites, will have an opportunity to provide public comment to the above questions. The public may also e-mail their comments on these questions or other issues related to the revision of California’s VAPA Standards to by February 2, 2017, to be included in public comments that will be forwarded to the Instructional Quality Commission and State Board of Education.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, January 23, 2017
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