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Core Component 4: Problem Solving

The selected Web resources focus on supporting the site-based, collaborative process of making decisions based on student data collected by professional educators.
Core Component 4: Problem-Solving Systems Approach
The following Web sites help guide site-based RtI2 team members through the problem-solving process as they discuss data, students’ progress, materials, and interventions.
  1. Creating Shared Language for Collaboration in RtI External link opens in new window or tab.
    Creates shared language for communication, so participants can successfully participate in the RtI process. By Barbara J. Ehren, Barbara Laster, and Susan Watts-Taffe. International Reading Association's Commission on RtI.
  2. Create Your Implementation Blueprint Stage 4: Full Implementation External link opens in new window or tab.
    Describes the problem solving process and other activities, after teachers have administered the assessments and begin to learn how to provide targeted and effective intervention instruction. By Susan L. Hall. RTI Action Network.
  3. Intervention Documentation Worksheet External link opens in new window or tab.
    Supports the site-based problem solving process. By the Florida Problem-Solving/Response to Intervention Project. RTI Action Network.
  4. Preparing for a Progress Monitoring Review Process: Engaging in Reflection for Productive Decision Making External link opens in new window or tab.
    Provides an overview and steps, including a “story script” form to guide participants through the progress monitoring process. RTI Action Network.
  5. RTI Action Network Problem Solving Checklist and Critical Components Checklist External link opens in new window or tab.
    Provides downloadable Word documents useful for guiding problem-solving meetings. RTI Action Network.
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