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Apprenticeship Education Program Summary

Information about the Apprenticeship Education Program and the roles of the CDE.


Apprenticeship programs in California are business and industry driven programs which define a formal relationship between an employer and an employee during which the student-worker, or apprentice, learns a trade.

Programs are offered in apprenticeable occupations which meet specific state approved standards, registered with and approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS), designed to safeguard the welfare of apprentices.

Apprenticeship in California dates back to the Shelly-Maloney Apprenticeship Labor Standards Act of 1939. Individual programs are based on one of over 850 apprenticeable trades or crafts. The California Department of Education (CDE) supports approximately 35 Regional and Occupational Centers and Programs and adult education programs in California offering apprenticeship programs.


Apprenticeship programs are offered for a specified length of time, usually three to five years, and include on-the-job training and classroom related and supplemental instruction (RSI). Local public educational agencies partner with apprenticeship program sponsors in sharing the responsibility for RSI development and delivery.

The CDE Career and Workforce Innovations Unit staff provides the following services to support apprenticeship RSI throughout the state:


Apprenticeship programs provide benefits to learners and employers alike including:


Students Served

The California Department of Education supports approximately 34,000 registered apprentices receiving RSI each fiscal year.

Contact Information

John Dunn, Program Coordinator
Policy Alignment and Outreach Unit
Division of Workforce and Economic Development
California Community College Chancellor's Office

Questions:   John Dunn | | 916-445-8026
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