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Mission and Goals

Automotive Youth Education Systems


The mission of the Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) is to be the catalyst in the development of school-to-career automotive educational programs at the high school level on a nationwide basis by bringing together business (auto dealers) and educational systems and providing a source of qualified entry-level technicians and other service personnel for automotive dealerships.


AYES provides an active, positive approach to attract young people to rewarding and challenging automotive careers. By the time AYES students graduate from high school and receive their AYES certificate, they will have both the technical skills and the employability skills that dealerships expect of entry-level employees.

Students selected to participate not only take the auto technology classes while they pursue their high school diplomas but they also work between their junior and senior years at participating dealerships under the tutelage of a journeyman technician.

In order to achieve these goals, AYES is pursuing three major strategies:

  • Development of outstanding automotive business and education partnerships at the local level. Such programs will include a strong mentoring component within the new car dealerships to guide and encourage the student in the development of both technical and employability skills.
  • Image enhancement. AYES is influencing the resources of auto manufacturers and dealerships as desirable places to pursue long-term careers.
  • Enhancement of the dealership work environment. AYES is assisting dealerships in focusing on training strategies, benefits and working conditions, in accordance with a belief that employee satisfaction and retention are directly related to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, March 27, 2015
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