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ROCP Course Certification Quick Guide

This guide is intended to be a short outline of the steps necessary to use the ROCP Course Certification on-line system for submitting information to the California Department of Education (CDE).

Beginning October 2006, Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROCPs) are to submit new and updated courses for certification through the ROCP Course Certification on-line system to the CDE within 15 days of the governing board approval of the course.

Step 1:

Provide the following information:

  1. Local course number–This number is assigned to the course by your local ROCP.
  2. ROCP course title–This is the title you have given the course.
  3. Initial governing board approval date
  4. Career cluster–Select one of sixteen from the drop down menu.
  5. California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) Code–Select from drop down menu.
  6. Course type–Select one type from three choices provided (career technical preparation, technical skills upgrading, or registered apprentice).
  7. O*Net Code–This is the occupational job code for the course.
  8. Course description–Description should be clear and easy to understand and identify essential components of the course.
  9. Curriculum supports–Select one or more from the choices provided (core academic standards, career preparation standard, or industry-specific certification).
  10. Course Details–Enter the following information about the course:
    • Classroom hours
    • Community classroom hours of instruction
    • Cooperative vocational education hours
    • Course status–Select one type from three choices provided (continue, probation, inactive).
    • Community college articulation–Select up to three colleges or none.
    • Meets high school graduation requirement–Select required or elective.
    • Course is approved for CSU entrance requirements–yes/no
    • Course is approved for UC requirements?–yes/no
    • Course reviewed for duplication with other LEAs–check box
    • If duplicated, was the notification processed?–yes/no
    • Current labor market demand–Select: High, Medium, or Low
    • Has the labor market data developed?–yes/no
    • Advisory committee meeting date
    • Course outline/Advisory minutes e-mailed to Regional CDE Consultant –Provide date.
  11. Advisory Committee approval of course–Enter the following information from the Advisory Committee minutes:
    • Date Advisory Committee reviewed course curriculum
    • Date Advisory Committee approved course curriculum
    • Number of educators at Advisory Committee meeting
    • Number of staff at Advisory Committee meeting
    • Number of business/industry representatives attending the Advisory Committee meeting
  12. Governing board approval date of course/curriculum

Step 2:

E-mail detailed course outline and most recent Advisory Committee minutes to your CDE Regional Consultant.

  1. Detailed course outline shall include the following:
    • Course title
    • CBEDS title
    • CBEDS number
    • Job titles
    • Course Description. Summarize essential components of the course, instructional methodologies (community classroom, cooperative vocational education, classroom, and career pathway or cluster if application)
    • Total course hours
    • Prerequisites
    • Date written/revised
    • Essential Employability Skills/Career Preparation Standards
    • Content area skills
    • Expected proficiencies
    • Hours of instruction per unit
    • Additional Recommend/Optional Course-Related elements (articulation, academic credit, instructional strategies, instructional materials, industry-based certification attained or other related certification)
  2. Advisory Committee minutes shall include the following:
    • Advisory Committee minutes date and time (held within the past 12 months)
    • Full name, title, and company name of Advisory Committee members in attendance
    • Discussion of course (mention course title and need for course)
    • Approval of course outline by committee

The CDE Regional Consultant will review the information submitted via the on-line certification system, the detailed course outline, and the Advisory Committee minutes to determine, for certification, all required steps in the course development process have been completed.

Within 20 business days of receipt of the e-mailed course outline and Advisory Committee minutes, the CDE Regional Consultant will determine if the course meets the certification criteria. The CDE Regional Consultant will send an electronic written “certification of the course” to the ROCP contact person or notification that “certification cannot be given” and the reason(s) why. If additional documentation is required for certification and cannot be expeditiously submitted, the CDE Regional Consultant will provide written notification outlining the reasons why the course may not be certified to the ROCP’s Director/Superintendent.

The ROCP has 90 calendar days to resolve the issue(s) identified by the CDE Regional Consultant. If the issue(s) remains unresolved after 90 calendar days from the initial CDE notification, the CDE Regional Consultant will send a letter to the ROCP’s local governing board and the ROCP’s Director/Superintendent explaining why certification for the course was not provided.

The ROCP may appeal CDE’s decision to the Director of the Career and College Transition Division.

Note: All new and existing courses must be reviewed and approved every two years by the local governing board. (EC Section 52302.3[a])
Questions:   Michelle Oliveira | | 916-319-0675
Last Reviewed: Friday, August 22, 2014

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