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Chapter 1: Work Permits

Chapter 1 of the California Work Permit Handbook covering work permits.

Forms Required for the Employment of Minors

The school responsible for the issuance of work permits may print the forms required for the employment of minors. Two forms are required:

Optional Forms:

General Regulations

The following information is general and applies to the employment of minors:

When designated in writing by the school district superintendent:

When self-certifying a working knowledge of child labor laws and regulations pertaining to working minors, public and private school principals or their designated administrators:

Potentially Unsafe Environment

In some instances, a minor may be working in an environment that has the potential for injury to the minor. In other words, the job tasks themselves are not dangerous or hazardous, but an unsafe environment could exist (e.g., a car wash in which the minor’s responsibilities are to only wash windows and dry cars by hand, not to use the power machines).

In such a case, the work permit issuing authority is strongly urged to include wording in the “Remarks” section of the work permit , calling attention to the possibility that the environment could be hazardous for the minor. This work permit is issued for the specific work duties as indicated on the CDE Form B1-4 (DOC).

The employer must be aware that the work environment could, unknowingly, cause the minor to be exposed to dangerous and/or hazardous situations or equipment. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide adequate supervision to maintain a safe working environment for the minor.

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