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Health Standards Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about the development of health education content standards.
Have health education standards been adopted?

Yes, the State Board of Education adopted the standards in March 2008.

Who developed the standards?

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell appointed a committee of 19 individuals to draft the standards. The committee was comprised of highly qualified health educators and/or classroom teachers with experience with preschool through high school. Members reflected the diversity of California's students and the divergent content areas of health education.

After the standards are adopted, will schools be required to implement the standards?

Assembly Bill 689 specifically states that schools are not required to implement the standards.

What happens to the textbooks that we're currently considering for adoption?

The development of standards does NOT impact the currently adopted textbooks. You should continue to consider and/or use them. The standards will be incorporated into the NEXT version of the Health Framework (currently scheduled for adoption in 2011) and the subsequent textbook adoption (no earlier than 2013).

What does the law actually state?

The complete text of California Education Code Section 51210.8 states:

51210.8. (a) On or before March 1, 2008, based on recommendations of the Superintendent, the State Board of Education shall adopt content standards in the curriculum area of health education.
(b) The content standards shall provide a framework for instruction that a school may offer in the curriculum area of health education. This section does not require a school to follow the content standards.

Where can I find the standards?

The standards are available at Content Standards. The standards may also be purchased from the CDE Press Educational Resource Catalog.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, June 29, 2015

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