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Updated History-Social Science Framework Timeline

This is the schedule of events for the updates of the History-Social Science Framework.

Effective July 28, 2009

Approved by the State Board of Education on March 12, 2008; Updated on November 5, 2008

Event Schedule
Curriculum Commission takes action on update plan, timeline, and Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee (CFCC) application
January 24-25, 2008
State Board of Education (SBE) takes action on update plan, timeline, and CFCC application
March 12-13, 2008
Recruitment of CFCC members (at least 90 days per CCR 9513)
March 20, 2008 –September 3, 2008

Focus Groups held to solicit public input on the framework update

  • Bay Area
  • Sacramento
  • Los Angeles Area
  • San Diego Area
May–June, 2008
Curriculum Commission reviews applications and makes recommendations on CFCC members
September 24-26, 2008
SBE action on CFCC recommendations
November 5-6, 2008
CFCC meets approximately every four weeks, for a total of five meetings to draft framework

February 5-6, 2009
March 4-5, 2009
April 2-3, 2009
April 30-May 1, 2009
June 4-5, 2009

Curriculum Commission approves draft Framework for field review
July 2009 (additional meeting)
60-day field review of draft Framework (required by CCR 9515)
August–September 2009
Curriculum Commission analyzes field review results and revises draft framework
September 2009
Curriculum Commission holds hearings and takes action on draft framework/sends recommendation to SBE
November 2009
Required 60-day period for public review and comment on Curriculum Commission’s recommended framework (CCR 9515)
December 2009–January 2010
SBE receives Curriculum Commission recommendation, holds public hearing and acts on draft framework
March 2010 (final action in May 2010, if necessary)
Document Preparation
Summer–Fall 2010
Final Publication
Winter 2010
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