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2006 Visual and Performing Arts Standards Maps

Instructions for completing the California Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Standards Maps.

Standards maps must be completed by the publisher/manufacturer for all instructional materials submitted for the 2006 Visual and Performing Arts Primary Adoption, Grades Kindergarten through Grade Eight. The Standards Maps must be submitted both on diskette and in paper copy to the California Department of Education, Instructional Resources Office. Printed copies of the Standards Maps are to accompany the samples submitted to the reviewers and to the Learning Resources Display Centers.

We ask that you follow the directions carefully in order to ensure a complete and thorough review of your submitted instructional materials. Please be very thorough and careful in completing the Standards Map. This template will be used to document the extent to which your instructional materials meet Category 1: Visual and Performing Arts Content/Alignment with Standards. The mapping of the standards requires accurate knowledge and notation of the standards as they are presented in your instructional program(s).

To be adopted, materials must first meet in full Category 1, Visual and Performing Arts Content/Alignment with Standards. Materials will be evaluated holistically in the other categories of Program Organization, Assessment, Universal Access, and Instructional Planning and support.

We look forward to working with you on this adoption.

General Directions
  1. The files on the diskette are formatted in Microsoft Word for PC-type computers. Open your program in Microsoft Word and then open the needed grade level file(s). The files are labeled by grade level on the diskette.

  2. You will only need to complete a Standards Map for those grade levels that are pertinent to your submitted program(s). The Standards Map will enable the Instructional Materials Advisory Panel (IMAP) and Content Review Panel (CRP) members to see how your program aligns to the State Board adopted Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards.

  3. By April 20, 2006, please mail a hard copy of your Standards Map, along with a diskette copy and your sample materials to:

California Department of Education
Curriculum Frameworks Unit
Attention: Susan Martimo, Administrator
1430 N Street, Suite 3207
Sacramento, CA  95814

  1. A paper copy of your Standards Map must be included with all materials sampled and mailed to CRP and IMAP members, Commissioners, Learning Resources Display Centers (LRDC), and requesting State Board members. All appropriate parties must receive all submitted instructional materials and the corresponding Standards Map no later than April 20, 2006.

Please note that you must complete a Standards Map for the pertinent grade level(s) and include the map(s) with the submitted materials. Failure to include the Standards Map for your materials may lead to disqualification.

If you have questions about the standards maps, please contact Susan Martimo, Administrator, Curriculum Frameworks Unit at 916-319-0446, or Kenneth McDonald, Lead Consultant, at 916-319-0447.

Instructions for Completion
All standards in each grade level must be addressed

For technical assistance, please contact Kenneth McDonald, Lead Consultant, Instructional Resources Office, at 916-319-0447, or Susan Martimo, Administrator, Curriculum Frameworks Unit, at 916-319-0446 [Note, the preceding phone number is no longer valid. for more information contact the Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division at 916-319-0881.]

Questions:   Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division | | 916-319-0881
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