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2009-10 Student Data Notifications of Inaccuracies

Listing of notifications of inaccuracies to certified California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Fall 1 student data files.

CALPADS Fall 1 Student Data

Data collected through the CALPADS Fall 1 student data collection include: School enrollment by racial/ethnic designation, grade, and gender; graduates and graduates meeting University of California (UC)/California State University (CSU) requirements by racial/ethnic designation and gender; dropouts by racial/ethnic designation, grade, and gender; graduates through independent study; and dropout and graduate data specific to the No Child Left Behind Act. All of the schools and districts listed on this page submitted notifications of inaccuracies in their Annual SSID Maintenance data after their data were certified. If you would like more specific information about these changes, please contact the CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office at 916-324-6738.

County District School (CDS) Code District Name School Name (if applicable)
07-61796-6118368 West Contra Costa Unified Manzanita Middle
10-75598-1030535 Caruther Unified Caruthers High
19-64519-0000001 El Monte Union High Nonpublic Nonsectarian
19-64519-1930320 El Monte Union High Arroyo High
19-64519-1932680 El Monte Union High Mountain View High
19-64519-1938919 El Monte Union High Fernando R. Ledesma Continuation High
19-64519-1995661 El Monte Union High South El Monte High
19-64519-1996123 El Monte Union High El Monte Union High School Community Day
19-64634-0119552 Inglewood Unified Today's Fresh Start Charter School Inglewood
19-64634-1934231 Inglewood Unified Inglewood High
19-64634-1936046 Inglewood Unified Morningside High
19-64634-6014435 Inglewood Unified Bennett/Kew Elementary
19-64634-6014443 Inglewood Unified Worthington Elementary
19-64634-6014450 Inglewood Unified Centinela Elementary
19-64634-6014468 Inglewood Unified Freeman (Daniel) Elementary
19-64634-6014476 Inglewood Unified Highland Elementary
19-64634-6014492 Inglewood Unified Kelso (William H.) Elementary
19-64634-6014518 Inglewood Unified La Tijera
19-64634-6014526 Inglewood Unified Lane (Warren) Elementary
19-64634-6014534 Inglewood Unified Oak Street Elementary
19-64634-6014542 Inglewood Unified Parent (Frank D.) Elementary
19-64634-6014559 Inglewood Unified Payne (Buelah) Elementary
19-64634-6014575 Inglewood Unified Woodworth (Clyde) Elementary
19-64634-6057749 Inglewood Unified Crozier (George W.) Middle
19-64634-6057756 Inglewood Unified Monroe (Albert F.) Middle
19-64634-6098768 Inglewood Unified Hudnall (Claude) Elementary
19-67433-1996610 Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles Leadership Academy
19-65904-1938513 West Covina Unified Coronado Alternative
19-65904-1939537 West Covina Unified West Covina High
24-65813-6025779 Plainsburg Union Elementary Plainsburg Union Elementary
30-66670-0106567 Santa Ana Unified Nova Academy Early College High
31-75085-0000001 Rocklin Unified Non Public Non Sectarian Schools
31-75085-0108050 Rocklin Unified Ruhkala Elementary
31-75085-0108084 Rocklin Unified Whitney High
31-75085-3130150 Rocklin Unified Rocklin High
31-75085-3130200 Rocklin Unified Victory High
31-75085-3130218 Rocklin Unified Rocklin Alternative Education Center
31-75085-6031207 Rocklin Unified Parker Whitney Elementary
31-75085-6031215 Rocklin Unified Rocklin Elementary
31-75085-6100903 Rocklin Unified Spring View Middle
31-75085-6109870 Rocklin Unified Cobblestone Elementary
31-75085-6110647 Rocklin Unified Antelope Creek Elementary
31-75085-6111975 Rocklin Unified Breen Elementary
31-75085-6115844 Rocklin Unified

Twin Oaks Elementary

31-75085-6116057 Rocklin Unified Granite Oaks Middle
31-75085-6118533 Rocklin Unified Sierra Elementary
31-75085-6118517 Rocklin Unified Valley View Elementary
31-75085-6119853 Rocklin Unified Rock Creek Elementary
33-67058-0000001 Desert Sands Unified Non Public non Sectarian Schools
33-67058-0100164 Desert Sands Unified Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Jr. Academy
33-67058-0107961 Desert Sands Unified Benjamin Franklin Elementary
33-67058-0108464 Desert Sands Unified Carrillo Ranch Elementary
33-67058-0110791 Desert Sands Unified Ronald Reagan Elementary
33-67058-0111021 Desert Sands Unified Colonel Mitchell Paige Middle
33-67058-0114504 Desert Sands Unified Summit High (Continuation)
33-67058-0118885 Desert Sands Unified Shadow Hills High
33-67058-0119305 Desert Sands Unified Desert Ridge Academy
33-67058-3330388 Desert Sands Unified Palm Desert High
33-67058-3330669 Desert Sands Unified La Quinta High
33-67058-3330909 Desert Sands Unified Horizon
33-67058-3331113 Desert Sands Unified Amistad High (Continuation)
33-67058-3333192 Desert Sands Unified Indio High
33-67058-6031926 Desert Sands Unified Abraham Lincoln Elementary
33-67058-6031934 Desert Sands Unified Andrew Jackson Elementary
33-67058-6031942 Desert Sands Unified Dwight Eisenhower Elementary
33-67058-6031959 Desert Sands Unified George Washington Charter
33-67058-6031967 Desert Sands Unified Herbert Hoover Elementary
33-67058-6031975 Desert Sands Unified John F. Kennedy Elementary
33-67058-6031983 Desert Sands Unified Martin Van Buren Elementary
33-67058-6031991 Desert Sands Unified Palm Desert Charter Middle
33-67058-6032007 Desert Sands Unified Theodore Roosevelt Elementary
33-67058-6032015 Desert Sands Unified Thomas Jefferson Middle
33-67058-6106082 Desert Sands Unified Harry S. Truman Elementary
33-67058-6107759 Desert Sands Unified La Quinta Middle
33-67058-6108955 Desert Sands Unified James Madison Elementary
33-67058-6109045 Desert Sands Unified James Monroe Elementary
33-67058-6109789 Desert Sands Unified Gerald R. Ford Elementary
33-67058-6109797 Desert Sands Unified Indio Middle
33-67058-6113880 Desert Sands Unified James Earl Carter Elementary
33-67058-6113898 Desert Sands Unified John Adams Elementary
33-67058-6118855 Desert Sands Unified John Glenn Middle School of International Studies
33-67058-6118863 Desert Sands Unified Amelia Earhart Elementary School of International Studies
33-67058-6116636 Desert Sands Unified Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary
33-75200-0100412 Murrieta Valley Unified Monte Vista Elementary
33-75200-0100420 Murrieta Valley Unified Vista Murrieta High
33-75200-0102079 Murrieta Valley Unified Tenaja Canyon Academy
33-75200-0108530 Murrieta Valley Unified Antelope Hills Elementary
33-75200-0114058 Murrieta Valley Unified Lisa J. Mails Elementary
33-75200-0117408 Murrieta Valley Unified Dorothy McElhinney Middle
33-75200-0118794 Murrieta Valley Unified Murrieta Mesa High
33-75200-3330529 Murrieta Valley Unified Murrieta Valley High
33-75200-3330644 Murrieta Valley Unified Creekside High
33-75200-6032346 Murrieta Valley Unified Murrieta Elementary
33-75200-6016868 Murrieta Valley Unified Avaxat Elementary
33-75200-6107841 Murrieta Valley Unified Alta Murrieta Elementary
33-75200-6107858 Murrieta Valley Unified E. Hale Curran Elementary
33-75200-6108153 Murrieta Valley Unified Rail Ranch Elementary
33-75200-6108849 Murrieta Valley Unified Shivela
33-75200-6112429 Murrieta Valley Unified Thompson Middle
33-75200-6113625 Murrieta Valley Unified Tovashal Elementary
33-75200-6117659 Murrieta Valley Unified Cole Canyon Elementary
33-75200-6118558 Murrieta Valley Unified Daniel N. Buchanan Elementary
33-75200-6120554 Murrieta Valley Unified Warm Spring Middle
34-67314-0105924 Elk Grove Unified Edwards Harris Jr. Middle
34-67314-0108746 Elk Grove Unified Katherine L. Albiani Middle
34-67314-0116871 Elk Grove Unified Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle
34-67314-6059174 Elk Grove Unified James Rutter Middle
34-67314-6061808 Elk Grove Unified Joseph Kerr Middle
34-67314-6109821 Elk Grove Unified Samuel Jackman Middle
34-67314-6112031 Elk Grove Unified Harriet G. Eddy Middle
34-67314-6113831 Elk Grove Unified T.R. Smedberg
34-67314-6120000 Elk Grove Unified Tobey Johnson Middle
37-67967-6037519 Alpine Union Elementary Alpine Elementary
39-68585-0000001 Lodi Unified Nonpublic Nonsectarian
39-68585-0100560 Lodi Unified Lois Borchardt Elementary
39-68585-0101428 Lodi Unified Sutherland Learning Opportunity Community Day
39-68585-0102632 Lodi Unified Ansel Adams
39-68585-0102640 Lodi Unified Millswood Middle
39-68585-0102657 Lodi Unified Christa McAuliffe Middle
39-68585-0108209 Lodi Unified Ellerth E. Larson Elementary
39-68585-0108217 Lodi Unified Manlio Silva Elementary
39-68585-0108225 Lodi Unified Ronald McNair High
39-68585-0111286 Lodi Unified George Lincoln Mosher Elementary
39-68585-0111419 Lodi Unified Woodbridge
39-68585-0116608 Lodi Unified Podesta Ranch Elementary
39-68585-3930237 Lodi Unified Bear Creek High
39-68585-3930278 Lodi Unified Plaza Robles Continuation High
39-68585-3930344 Lodi Unified Independence
39-68585-3930377 Lodi Unified Henderson Community Day
39-68585-3930443 Lodi Unified Middle College High
39-68585-3934759 Lodi Unified Tokay High
39-68585-3934767 Lodi Unified Liberty High
39-68585-3934783 Lodi Unified Lodi High
39-68585-6042048 Lodi Unified Clements Elementary
39-68585-6042055 Lodi Unified Davis Elementary
39-68585-6042063 Lodi Unified Elkhorn
39-68585-6042071 Lodi Unified Erma B. Reese Elementary
39-68585-6042097 Lodi Unified George Washington Elementary
39-68585-6042121 Lodi Unified Houston
39-68585-6042139 Lodi Unified Lakewood Elementary
39-68585-6042147 Lodi Unified Lawrence Elementary
39-68585-6042154 Lodi Unified Leroy Nichols Elementary
39-68585-6042170 Lodi Unified Live Oak Elementary
39-68585-6042188 Lodi Unified Lockeford Elementary
39-68585-6042196 Lodi Unified Morada Middle
39-68585-6042204 Lodi Unified Clyde W. Needham Elementary
39-68585-6042220 Lodi Unified Lodi Middle
39-68585-6042246 Lodi Unified Tokay Colony Elementary
39-68585-6042295 Lodi Unified Vinewood Elementary
39-68585-6097760 Lodi Unified Heritage Elementary
39-68585-6098057 Lodi Unified Victor Elementary
39-68585-6100341 Lodi Unified Oakwood Elementary
39-68585-6100366 Lodi Unified Parklane Elementary
39-68585-6104038 Lodi Unified Creekside Elementary
39-68585-6104426 Lodi Unified Clairmont Elementary
39-68585-6107114 Lodi Unified Delta Sierra Middle
39-68585-6108856 Lodi Unified Beckman Elementary
39-68585-6109839 Lodi Unified Westwood Elementary
39-68585-6110944 Lodi Unified Sutherland Elementary
39-68585-6111983 Lodi Unified John Muir Elementary
39-68585-6116974 Lodi Unified Lakewood Community Day
39-68585-6116982 Lodi Unified Davis Community Day School
39-68585-6117675 Lodi Unified Joe Serna Jr. Charter
39-68585-6120059 Lodi Unified Julia Morgan Elementary
48-70565-0000001 Travis Unified Nonpublic Nonsectarian
48-70565-4830022 Travis Unified Travis Education Center
48-70565-4830154 Travis Unified Travis Community Day
48-70565-4830162 Travis Unified Travis Independent Study
48-70565-4838801 Travis Unified Vanden High
48-70565-6051254 Travis Unified Center Elementary
48-70565-6051262 Travis Unified Golden West Middle
48-70565-6051270 Travis Unified Travis Elementary
48-70565-6068290 Travis Unified Scandia Elementary
48-70565-6103154 Travis Unified Cambridge Elementary
48-70565-6111652 Travis Unified Foxboro Elementary

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