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2010-11 Student Data Notifications of Inaccuracies

Listing of notifications of inaccuracies to certified California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Fall 1 student data files.

CALPADS Fall 1 Student Data

Data collected through the CALPADS Fall 1 student data collection include: school enrollment by racial/ethnic designation, grade, and gender; graduates and graduates meeting University of California (UC)/California State University (CSU) requirements by racial/ethnic designation and gender; dropouts by racial/ethnic designation, grade, and gender; graduates through independent study; and dropout and graduate data specific to the No Child Left Behind Act. All of the schools and districts listed on this page submitted notifications of inaccuracies in their Annual SSID Maintenance data after their data were certified. If you would like more specific information about these changes, please contact the CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office 916-324-6738.

County District School (CDS) Code

District Name

School Name (if applicable)

07-61630-0107524 Acalanes Union High Acalanes Center for Independent Study
07-61630-0730283 Acalanes Union High Acalanes High
07-61630-0731125 Acalanes Union High Campolindo High
07-61630-0733725 Acalanes Union High Las Lomas High
07-61630-0734244 Acalanes Union High Miramonte High
11-62554-6007439 Capay Joint Union Elementary Capay Joint Union Elementary
13-63214-1337609 San Pasqual Valley Unified San Pasqual Valley High
15-63578-0107771 Richland Union Elementary Sequoia Elementary
15-63578-6009989 Richland Union Elementary Redwood Elementary
15-63578-6010003 Richland Union Elementary Richland Junior High
15-63578-6090591 Richland Union Elementary Golden Oak Elementary
17-64063-6010680 Upper Lake Union Elementary Upper Lake Elementary
17-64063-6108773 Upper Lake Union Elementary Upper Lake Middle
18-75036-0121657 Fort Sage Unified Mt. Lassen Charter
19-10199-0121772 Los Angeles County Office of Education Environmental Charter Middle
19-64436-1931617 Covina-Valley Unified Fairvalley High (Continuation)
19-64576-1933597 Glendora Unified Glendora High
19-64576-6013866 Glendora Unified Cullen Elementary
19-64576-6013882 Glendora Unified La Fetra Elementary
19-64576-6013908 Glendora Unified Sellers Elementary
19-64576-6013916 Glendora Unified Stanton Elementary
19-64576-6013924 Glendora Unified Sutherland Elementary
19-64576-6057731 Glendora Unified Goddard Middle
19-64576-6061329 Glendora Unified Sandburg Middle
19-64733-0115253 Los Angeles Unified Discovery Charter Preparatory No. 2
19-64733-0117911 Los Angeles Unified New Millennium Secondary
19-64733-0122242 Los Angeles Unified TEACH Academy of Technologies
19-64733-0122762 Los Angeles Unified Film and Theatre Arts Charter High
24-65722-6025498 Le Grand Elementary Le Grand Elementary
28-66241-0000001 Calistoga Joint Unified Nonpublic Nonsectarian
28-66241-2830065 Calistoga Joint Unified Palisades High (Continuation)
28-66241-2831758 Calistoga Joint Unified Calistoga Junior-Senior High
28-66241-6026744 Calistoga Joint Unified Calistoga Elementary


Santa Ana Unified

Nova Academy Early College High

32-66969-3232006 Plumas Unified Chester Junior/Senior High
32-66969-3233509 Plumas Unified Greenville Junior/Senior High
32-66969-3235603 Plumas Unified Portola Junior/Senior High
32-66969-3236007 Plumas Unified Quincy Junior/Senior High
32-66969-6031413 Plumas Unified Chester Elementary
32-66969-6031421 Plumas Unified Greenville Elementary
32-66969-6031470 Plumas Unified Pioneer/Quincy Elementary
32-66969-6110308 Plumas Unified C. Roy Carmichael Elementary
33-67181-0000001 Palo Verde Unified Nonpublic Nonsectarian
33-67207-0101170 Perris Union High California Military Institute
33-67207-0113191 Perris Union High Heritage High
33-67207-3330693 Perris Union High Choice 2000 On-Line
33-67207-3330727 Perris Union High Paloma Valley High
33-67207-3335973 Perris Union High Perris High
34-67413-0107383 River Delta Unified River Delta Community Day
34-67413-0112078 River Delta Unified Clarksburg Middle
34-67413-3430469 River Delta Unified River Delta High/Elementary (Alternative)
34-67413-3430550 River Delta Unified Mokelumne High
34-67413-4835302 River Delta Unified Rio Vista High
34-67413-5731708 River Delta Unified Delta High
34-67413-6033641 River Delta Unified Bates Elementary
34-67413-6033666 River Delta Unified Isleton Elementary
34-67413-6033716 River Delta Unified D. H. White Elementary
34-67413-6033690 River Delta Unified Riverview Middle
34-67413-6033708 River Delta Unified Walnut Grove Elementary
37-68031-3731478 Coronado Unified Coronado High
37-76471-0114678 SBC - High Tech High High Tech High Chula Vista
37-76471-0114694 SBC - High Tech High High Tech High North County
37-76471-0119271 SBC - High Tech High High Tech Middle North County
49-70672-0122440 Dunham Elementary Dunham Charter
49-70672-6051700 Dunham Elementary Dunham Elementary
50-71209-0112383 Paradise Elementary Paradise Charter
50-71209-6052914 Paradise Elementary Paradise Elementary
51-71464-5130125 Yuba City Unified Yuba City Charter
55-75184-5530076 Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified Tioga High
55-75184-5530084 Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified Don Pedro High
55-75184-5530159 Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified Moccasin Community Day
55-75184-6054837 Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified Tenaya Elementary

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