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CBEDS-ORA Revision History

List of changes that have been made to the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS)-Online Reporting Application (ORA) since it was released for the 2014–15 data collection.
Version Date Released Description of Revision
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Fixed the School Information Form (SIF) Summary of Current and Last Year report to correct the format of the numbers displayed in Section L and to correctly load Section B prior year data.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Modified the Educational Options/Independent Study/Online Education Totals by School report to include Independent Study Graduate data.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Modified the Certification Summary report to display the certification date and time.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Fixed the SIF Completed report to correctly display Section B current year data for some independently reporting charter (IRC) schools and new schools.
7.0.9 10/01/2014 Released the initial version of CBEDS-ORA for the 2014–15 data collection.
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