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CBEDS-ORA Revision History

List of changes that have been made to the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS)-Online Reporting Application (ORA) since it was released for the 2013-14 data collection.
Version Date Released Description of Revision
6.5.3 10/17/2013 Modified the "Import Submission Warnings/Errors" report page to improve loading time when there is a large number of errors detected.
6.5.4 10/18/2013 Modified the Summary of Current and Last Year report to display the correct years in the column headers for section M. Also, fixed errors that were occurring when loading section M data on the SIF Comparison report for the 2013-14 school year.
6.5.4 10/18/2013 Fixed the problem that caused application errors when users entered an invalid decimal number on the School Information Form (SIF) and County/District Information Form (CDIF) section A data entry screens.
6.5.5 10/22/2013 Modified sections B and E of the Summary of Current and Last Year report to retrieve data for closed schools.
6.5.5 10/22/2013 Modified the text and the table structure for the closed schools section of the CBEDS-ORA List of Expected Schools.
6.5.6 10/28/2013 Fixed the reporting of truancy data on the District Summary report. Truancy data was not being reported on the District Summary report when one or more schools reported an explanation for zero truants.
6.5.6 10/29/2013 Fixed the Summary of Current and Last Year report to display the 2012-13 Independent Study/Online Education data in the comparison report.
6.5.6 10/30/2013 Fixed warning CertW16B, which compares the total paraprofessionals reported on the CDIF to the total paraprofessional reported on all school’s SIFs. The check was incorrectly comparing all classified staff, rather than just paraprofessionals.
6.5.6 10/30/2013 Fixed the Summary of Current and Last Year report for independently reporting charter schools (IRCs) to retrieve data for the IRC, rather than data for the district.
6.5.7 10/31/2013 Fixed the Summary of Current and Last Year report, Section G. Data were loaded/displayed in the wrong order.
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