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CBEDS-ORA Revision History

List of changes that have been made to the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS)-Online Reporting Application (ORA) since it was released for the 2014–15 data collection.
Version Date Released Description of Revision
7.0.11 10/30/2014 SIF Section J, School Year Minutes description was changed to “Report the number of minutes that all students were required to be at school, plus any additional learning time (e.g., before or after school, weekend school, or summer school) for which all students had the opportunity to participate” on the data entry screen and in the reports.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Fixed the School Information Form (SIF) Summary of Current and Last Year report to correct the format of the numbers displayed in Section L and to correctly load Section B prior year data.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Modified the Educational Options/Independent Study/Online Education Totals by School report to include Independent Study Graduate data.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Modified the Certification Summary report to display the certification date and time.
7.0.10 10/08/2014 Fixed the SIF Completed report to correctly display Section B current year data for some independently reporting charter (IRC) schools and new schools.
7.0.9 10/01/2014 Released the initial version of CBEDS-ORA for the 2014–15 data collection.
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