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CBEDS-ORA Revision History

List of changes that have been made to the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS)-Online Reporting Application (ORA) since it was released for the 2015–16 data collection.
Version Date Released Description of Revision
8.0.12 10/28/15 For districts with schools participating in the School Improvement Grant (SIG), the Summary of Current and Last Year report was fixed to display correct prior year truancy counts.
8.0.12 10/22/15 Updated SIF Summary of Current and Last Year report to correctly display 2014–15 Parental Exception Waiver from English-Language Classroom counts.
8.0.12 10/14/15
  • Added an option to download the following reports in PDF format:
    • Full-Time Equivalent of Classified Staff by School and District Office
    • Kindergarten Program Type by School
    • Educational Calendar Totals by School
    • Parental Exception Waivers by School
    • Truant Students by School
    • Certification Receipt
  • Warning Cert 07C was modified to exclude values of "none" when kindergarten and transitional kindergarten program types do not match.
8.0.11 10/06/2015 Released the initial data reporting version of the CBEDS-ORA for the 2015–16 data collection.
8.0.8 09/23/2015

Released the initial version of CBEDS-ORA for the 2015–16 data collection.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, October 30, 2015
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