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Facts about English Learners in California - CalEdFacts

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In the 2012–13 school year, there were approximately 1.346 million English learners in California public schools, nearly the same level as in 2011–12. The CDE provides assistance to local schools and districts to achieve the following goals:

Meeting these two goals will help close the achievement gap that separates English learners from their native English-speaking peers. In order to accomplish these goals, all English learners are provided with English language development (ELD) instruction targeted to their English proficiency level and appropriate academic instruction in one of three settings:

Basic Facts—California Language Census: Spring 2013

English learners are a significant portion of California public school students:

Although English learner data are collected for 59 language groups, 95 percent speak one of the top ten languages in the state:

  1. Spanish: 84.67 percent
  2. Vietnamese: 2 .3 percent
  3. Pilipino (Filipino or Tagalog): 1.4 percent
  4. Cantonese: 1.3 percent
  5. Mandarin: 1.1 percent
  6. Arabic: 1.0 percent
  7. Hmong: .09 percent
  8. Korean: 0.8 percent
  9. Punjabi: 0.6 percent
  10. Russian: 0.5 percent
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