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CBEDS Data About Schools & Districts

California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) downloadable data files for data about schools and districts including educational options enrollment, technology, educational calendars, estimated teacher hires, and graduation requirements.

Not all data are available for all years. Please refer to the file structure for details about the data file.

Year of Data File Name File Structure
2012–13 cbedsora12b (TXT; 18MB; Posted 14-Aug-2013) File Structure: CBEDS Data About Schools/Districts 2012
2011–12 cbedsora11b (TXT; 9MB; Modified* 04-Oct-2012) File Structure for CBEDS-ORA Type B Records 2011
2010–11 cbedsora10b (TXT; 4MB; Posted 26-Oct-2011) File Structure for CBEDS-ORA Type B Records 2010
2009–10 cbedsora09b (TXT; 2MB; Posted 09-Sep-2010) File Structure for CBEDS-ORA Type B Records 2009
2008–09 cbedsopus08b (TXT; 7MB; Posted 16-Nov-2009) File Structure for CBEDS-OPUS Type B Records 2008

For prior year data, please refer to the following Web pages:

Downloading Sources

Special Instructions for Excel and Access Users
Instructions on how to download and use student, school, and staff data files in excel and access.

*File Modifications
File modifications for data files pertaining to student demographics, data about schools and districts, and staffing data.

Contacts for Technical Questions
Questions: Data Reporting Office | | 916-327-0219 
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