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Expulsion and Suspension Data

Downloadable data file containing student discipline data by ethnicity. Expulsion, in-school suspension, and out-of-school suspension data are provided.

The file includes state, county, district, and school level data. Refer to the file structure for further details regarding the file's contents. Data are not included for districts and independently reporting charter schools (IRCs) that did not certify their CALPADS End-of-Year 3 Discipline submission.

A list of districts and IRCs by year that did not certify their CALPADS End-of-Year 3 - Discipline submission is available at CDE CALPADS Certification Status by Year/Submission Web page.

Note: An asterisk (*) appearing in a data field is used to protect student privacy where there are ten or fewer students.

Year of Discipline Data File File Structure
2012–13 discipline13 (TXT; Posted 23-Jan-2014) File Structure: Expulsion and Suspension Data 2012–13
2011–12 discipline12 (TXT; Posted 10-Sep-2013) File Structure: Expulsion and Suspension Data 2011–12

Each school in these files may have from 0 to 24 records. A separate record is created for each type of discipline data: (1) expulsion; (2) in-school suspension; and (3) out-of-school suspension. Then data is reported for up to 8 ethnic/racial subgroups.

Click on the file name you wish to download and save the file to your computer. To view the file, open the file in a database or spreadsheet program. For further instructions choose the link below or contact our office for assistance.

Questions: Data Reporting Office | | 916-327-0219 
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