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File Structure: Enrollment by County for 1948-69

File structure for historical enrollment by county data files for years 1948–49 through 1969–70.

File Name: ENR4869.DBF

Field Name Field Type Width Description
CO_CODE Character
This two-digit code is the official, unique identification of a county within California.
COUNTY Character
County name.
YEAR Character
Year of enrollment. This represents the last two-digits of the starting of the school year. For example, if the school year was 2004–05, the YEAR would be 04.
GRADE Character

Grade level.
K = Kindergarten.
1 = Grade one.
2 = Grade two.
3 = Grade three.
4 = Grade four.
5 = Grade five.
6 = Grade six.
7 = Grade seven.
8 = Grade eight.
9 = Grade nine.
10 = Grade ten.
11 = Grade eleven.
12 = Grade twelve.

Male enrollment for kindergarten through grade twelve.
Female enrollment for kindergarten through grade twelve.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, September 9, 2016
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