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File Structure: Student Poverty Data 2007–08

File structure for free and reduced price meals (FRPM) student eligibility data for 2007–08. These data are sourced from the Consolidated Application (ConApp), Part II.

This file structure corresponds to the following data file:
Student Poverty – Free and Reduced Price Meals Data 2007–08.
The actual 2007–08 data file is located on the Student Poverty – FRPM Data Web page. The file is downloadable and is available in Microsoft Excel format.



County Code

Two-digit county code.

District Code Five-digit district code.
School Code Seven-digit school code
Direct Funded Charter School Number This field represents the charter school number. Only direct funded charter schools have numbers in this field.
County Name County name.
LEA Name Local educational agency (LEA) name.
School Name School name (only appears in the school level file).
Low Grade Lowest grade offered.
High Grade Highest grade offered.
October 2007 Enrollment
(Ages 5–17)
October school enrollment of students ages 5–17 (not from the California Basic Educational Data System [CBEDS] data collection).
October 2007 Free Meals Of the students enrolled in the school, the number of students ages 5–17 who are eligible to receive free meals.
October 2007 Reduced Price Meals Of the students enrolled in the school, the number of students ages 5–17 who are eligible to receive reduced price meals.
October 2007 Total FRPM The total number of students enrolled in the school who are eligible to receive free or reduced price meals (FRPM). (Sum of Free Meals + Reduced Price Meals.)
October 2007 Percent FRPM School site's FRPM eligibility in comparison to the enrollment. (Total FRPM / Enrollment = Percentage.)

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Last Reviewed: Friday, September 9, 2016
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