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This update FLASH covers: New EOY amendment window deadline, extra snapshots, and certification reminders.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives

From:       California Department of Education – CALPADS Project Team

Date:       September 7, 2012

Subject:  CALPADS Update FLASH #62

New EOY Amendment Window Deadline

The amendment window deadline for the 2011–12 CALPADS End-of-Year (EOY) submissions has been moved from September 12, 2012 to September 19, 2012.

The deadline is being moved so that some defects preventing selected LEAs from certifying their EOY submissions can be resolved. We anticipate that these defects will be available in the production environment early next week. If these defects are affecting your data, the CDE suggests that you wait to certify your data until after the defects have been resolved in the production environment. You must, however, certify your data by September 19, 2012, the close of the Amendment Window. The defects that will be addressed include:

Extra Snapshots

Please note that extra CALPADS nightly processing has been arranged to occur Friday, September 7, 2012 (tonight) and Saturday September 8, 2012. This will provide additional snapshot refreshes for LEAs still working on resolving their EOY certification errors. We are also attempting to arrange extra CALPADS nightly processing for next weekend and will let LEAs know when the scheduling of these processes has been confirmed.

Certification Reminders
Reminder to Recertify Fall 1 Data

LEAs that have decertified their 2011–12 CALPADS Fall 1 submission in order to amend their 2011–12 Free and Reduced Price Meal (FRPM) data must recertify their Fall 1 submission by September 19, 2012. LEAs that fail to recertify their 2011–12 CALPADS Fall 1 data by the September 19 deadline will have no official enrollment counts for the 2011–12 school year, no official graduate or dropout data for 2010–11 school year, and no official FRPM counts for the 2011–12 school year.

LEAs that have updated their 2011–12 FRPM data in the CALPADS ODS, but have not yet requested to decertify their 2011–12 CALPADS Fall 1 submission in order to receive new snapshot reports must submit a service request to the CALPADS Service Desk via a CALPADS Service Request Form. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and those LEAs allowed to decertify must recertify their 2011–12 CALPADS Fall 1 submission by September 19, 2012.

Reminder to Certify Level 2

The 2011–12 CALPADS End of Year (EOY) amendment window deadline is Wednesday, September 19, 2012. Please note that all CALPADS data collections require two certification levels. To be considered complete, the final certification status must be “Snapshot Certified – Level 2.”

Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
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