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This Update FLASH provides information relevant to CALPADS.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives

From:       CALPADS Project Team

Date:        January 30, 2013

Subject:  CALPADS Update FLASH #68

Congratulations to Those Who Have Certified

The California Department of Education (CDE) and the California School Information Services (CSIS) would like to congratulate all the local educational agencies (LEAs) and their hardworking staff who certified Fall 1 and Fall 2 by the certification deadlines. Approximately 94 percent of LEAs certified Fall 1 by the certification deadline and 68 percent of LEAs certified Fall 2.

This is especially commendable because all LEAs had to submit the federal Office of Civil Rights (OCR) data collection during the same time frame, and we recognize the hardship this placed on LEAs. Unfortunately, the CDE is limited in its ability to assist LEAs with the OCR collection because it must be submitted to the federal government by each LEA. We plan to look for ways, however, to address the confluence of reporting deadlines next year by reviewing CALPADS deadlines.

Fall 2 Highly Qualified Teacher Data Quality Issue

2011–12 Fall 2: In review of the 2011–12 Fall 2 Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) data, the CDE identified some key quality issues. Specifically, numerous LEAs certified many courses as not NCLB Core when they should have been considered NCLB core classes. In particular, many LEAs indicated that self-contained classes (Course Group State 1000) were not NCLB Core, when such classes should always be considered core. Since these courses were identified as not NCLB core, LEAs did not indicate that the teachers teaching the courses were highly qualified. The CDE initially sent sanction letters to these LEAs because they did not indicate the teachers teaching these courses were highly qualified; however, due to the change in reporting methods, the CDE made a decision not to sanction LEAs who could verify their 2011–12 certification reports showing 100 percent of their teachers as highly qualified in CALPADS.

2012–13 Fall 2: To improve data quality in the current Fall 2 submission, LEAs should refer to the CALPADS Valid Code Combinations Document posted at, which shows which Course Group State and NCLB Core Course Indicator code combinations are valid. LEAs currently receive a warning (CRSE0127) when data are submitted and the code combinations are invalid. We strongly encourage LEAs to review the CRSE files submitted and correct these data before the close of the Fall 2 amendment window. After the close of the amendment window, the CDE will closely review the LEAs who do not correct their data.

2013–14 Fall 2: To address this problem in the future, the validation edit CRSE0127 will trigger a fatal error when there is an invalid code combination submitted.

Collection/Data Pull Date
Fall 1 Close of Amendment Window February 6, 2013
Fall 2 Close of Amendment Window February 20, 2013


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