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This update FLASH covers: Release of updated accountability data; upcoming preview of end-of-year discipline data; overview of CDE 2013-14 data collections.

To:            Local Educational Agency Representatives

From:       California Department of Education – CALPADS Team

Date:        August 28, 2013

Subject:  CALPADS Update FLASH #80

Release of Updated Accountability Data
This past May, LEAs were notified of an opportunity to correct data in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Operational Data Store (ODS) to update 2011–12 cohort graduation data and 2012–13 continuous enrollment and student group data for the 2013 Growth Academic Performance Index (API) and 2013 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). LEAs were given until the close of business on June 27, 2013 to make corrections to these data, and data were extracted from the CALPADS ODS on June 28 and used to update the accountability measures. The 2011–12 Cohort Outcome Reports have now been updated in DataQuest and will be reflected in the 2013 AYP cohort graduation rate (class of 201112) used for the 2013 AYP determinations. The 2013 AYP and 2013 Growth API have also been updated. LEAs received a private preview of these measures on August 23, 2013; these data will be publicly posted on August 29, 2013.

In mid-September, the CDE will provide LEAs with access to student-level data files that will help them identify any potential errors. More detailed information will be provided when the data files are made available. LEAs will have until the close of business on October 31, 2013 to make final corrections to the CALPADS ODS data that impact these accountability measures.

Upcoming Preview of End-of-Year 3 Discipline Data

The 2012–13 discipline data reports are currently available on the California Department of Education (CDE) Web site exclusively to those LEAs and independently-reporting charter (IRC) schools that certified the 2012–13 CALPADS End-of-Year (EOY) 3 submission by the August 9 certification deadline. LEAs are encouraged to review these data, and as necessary, make changes to CALPADS before the close of the amendment window. All LEAs and IRCs must certify their 2012–13 CALPADS EOY 3 Discipline submission by the September 11, 2013 amendment window deadline. If your LEA or IRC chooses to decertify during the amendment window, it is critical that decertification/recertification is completed by this deadline. If data are not certified by the September 11 final deadline, no discipline data will be associated with your district for the 2012–13 school year.

Overview of California Department Of Education 2013–14 Data Collections

A letter dated August 28, 2013, sent to County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators, provides an overview of the CDE 2013–14 Data Collections. This letter will be posted on the CDE CALPADS Communications Web page under the “Letters to Superintendents” heading at This letter provides an overview of the following CDE 2013–14 data collections:

  • California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS)
  • California Basic Educational Data System–Online Reporting Application (CBEDS-ORA)
In addition to the certified data collected, the letter provides an overview relevant to the data to be pulled from the ODS for accountability purposes. The 2013–14 certification and amendment window deadlines and CALPADS ODS pull dates are provided in an attachment to the letter and will be posted on the CDE CALPADS, CBEDS-ORA, and CARS Submission Calendar Web page at
New Local Control Funding Formula Listserv
A new listserv has been created to provide updates to those interested in the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). If you would like to receive updates regarding the LCFF via e-mail notification, subscribe to the LCFF listserv by sending a "blank" message to (To unsubscribe, send a "blank" message to  If your interest is primarily in CALPADS data related to the LCFF, that information will continue to come through the CALPADS listserv.
Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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