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2012-13 CALPADS Update

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter

April 18, 2013

Dear County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators:

2012–13 California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS)

This letter provides an update on CALPADS 2012–13 submissions and use of CALPADS data in accountability measures, and announces new functionality and important CALPADS changes for 2013–14.

Update on 2012–13 CALPADS Submissions

The CDE applauds the hard work of LEAs and independently reporting charter (IRC) schools that submitted and certified data for the 2012–13 Fall 1, Fall 2, and Spring 1 submissions:

  • Fall 1: 99.6% of LEAs/IRCs certified
  • Fall 2: 99.1% of LEAs/IRCs certified  
  • Spring 1: 100% of LEAs/IRCs certified  
Fall 1 Additional Amendment Opportunity

The California Department of Education (CDE) has posted a downloadable file that includes, for non-provision schools, the data LEAs certified in CALPADS Report 5.1a – Free or Reduced Price Meal Eligibility – Count as part of their 2012–13 Fall 1 data submission. This file is posted on the CDE Student Poverty – FRPM Data Web page at The data included in this file are used for various funding formulas and grant eligibility determinations. LEAs should have already reviewed these data for accuracy. However, if after further review, your LEA finds that it would like to make further corrections, please submit a service desk ticket to the CALPADS Service Desk that describes what is incorrect and the plan for correcting the local data. The CDE will consider these requests on a case-by-case basis. LEAs will have until May 10, 2013 to recertify these data. (Note: Recertification of FRPM data will not alter Universal After School Education and Safety Program and 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program funding determinations for 2013–14; these determinations have already been made.)

End-of-Year Window Opens April 29, 2013

The End-of-Year (EOY) submission window will open Monday, April 29, 2013. The certification deadline is July 31, 2013 and the close of the amendment window is

September 11, 2013. (The certification and amendment window deadlines for all submissions are posted via the Calendar link on the CDE CALPADS Web page at Training for EOY is now available through the California School Information Services (CSIS).

EOY entails four separate certifications. Not all LEAs are required to certify every EOY submission; however, LEAs that are expected to certify an EOY submission must certify, and if there are no data to report, they must certify the submission with zeroes. The EOY submissions are described below, along with which LEAs are required to certify each:

  • EOY 1: Course Completion and CTE: Required for LEAs providing departmentalized courses in grades 7–12, excluding alternative schools
  • EOY 2: Program Participation: Required for all LEAs
  • EOY 3: Discipline: Required for all LEAs
  • EOY 4: Waivers: Required for LEAs serving students in grades 10–12

This year, LEAs that certify the EOY 3 – Discipline submission by the July 31, 2013 certification deadline will receive a private preview of the student discipline data as they will be posted on DataQuest, prior to the close of the amendment window.

Update on CALPADS Data Used in Accountability

The CDE continues to pull data from the CALPADS Operational Data Store (ODS) on announced dates periodically throughout the year to:

  • Calculate the four-year graduation cohort rate used in the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) accountability measure;
  • Determine which students were continuously enrolled at the school or LEA, and which student test scores to “roll back” from an alternative education program (AEP) to the original school or LEA (as defined in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 1039.2 and 1039.3) to calculate the Academic Performance Index (API); and
  • Determine student inclusion in the following groups:
    • Race and ethnicity
    • English learners
    • Students with disabilities
    • Socioeconomically disadvantaged students
Updated CALPADS ODS Pull Dates (exact dates will be announced)
July 2013
  • 2011–12 enrollment/exit, student demographic and program participation data will be pulled to update the 4-year Cohort Graduation Rate used as part of the 2013 AYP. This will be the final opportunity to update these data for this purpose.
  • 2012–13 enrollment/exit, student demographic and program participation data to determine continuous enrollment and student groups for the 2013 Growth API and 2013 AYP. These data will be used in accountability reports released in the fall of 2013.
November 2013
  • 2012–13 enrollment/exit, student demographic and program participation data will be pulled again to determine continuous enrollment and student groups for the 2013 Growth API and 2013 AYP which will be included in final accountability reports released in early 2014, and for the 2013 Base API which will be released in the spring of 2014.

The use of CALPADS data for accountability purposes emphasizes the importance of regularly updating CALPADS to ensure that data are up-to-date. Keeping CALPADS data up-to-date also eases the workload as certification deadlines approach, and provides LEAs access to current information on transferring students. The CDE recommends that LEAs update enrollment and exit data in CALPADS on a bi-weekly basis, at a minimum.

New CALPADS Functionality

Beginning Monday, April 22, 2013, county offices of education will have access to new reports that display certified data for all the local educational agencies (LEAs) and independently reporting charter (IRC) schools in the county. These reports will be the same as existing certification reports, but will be aggregated to the LEA level and will drill down to the school level. Only certified data will be reflected. Authorizing LEAs will also have access to reports that display certified data for the IRCs authorized by the LEA. These reports will also be the same as existing certification reports, but will be aggregated for each IRC.

Issues related to the Assessment and Accountability (A&A) functionality in CALPADS are still being resolved. The CDE hopes to re-engage a pilot group of LEAs to further test the functionality this May prior to all LEAs using this new functionality.

CALPADS Changes for 2013–14: Spring Submission Moves to Fall

In 2013–14, CALPADS will no longer have a Spring submission and will collect the English Learners (EL) and Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) data as part of the Fall 1 submission. To incorporate the spring data into Fall 1, some spring reports will be moved to Fall 1, and existing Fall 1 reports will be modified to collect the spring data.  Prior year spring certification reports will continue to be available within CALPADS. 

The CDE is moving the Spring submission to Fall 1 in order to:

  • Collect Free and Reduced Price Meals (FRPM) and EL data on the same fall Census Day to facilitate the use of these data for funding purposes;
  • Align the collection of EL counts and EL Services data which are currently collected as part of Fall 2;
  • Provide LEAs additional time to complete Fall 2; and
  • Ease the burden on LEAs to complete the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) collection which also occurs in the fall.

The key dates that govern the Spring submission will be adjusted to reflect the new time period. Specifically:

  • The official EL count will be taken on Fall 1 Census Day, the first Wednesday in October;
  • The count of EL students who were reclassified as RFEP will be taken during the new time period: Prior year Fall Census Day to current year Fall Census Day; and
  • The official immigrant count used to determine funding will be based on the Fall 1 count.

Again, we appreciate the hard work of you and your staff in submitting 2012–13 data to CALPADS. Clearly the submission of data to CALPADS is becoming a more routine activity, and we are continuing to work to further enhance the system. As the CALPADS data become more reliable, we will transition to using CALPADS data and discontinue other collections to reduce your reporting burden.

My staff and the CALPADS Service Desk continue to be ready to work with your staff to submit the remaining data for this year. If you have any questions, please contact the CALPADS Service Desk by e-mail at or by phone at 916-325-9210.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Keric Ashley, Acting Director
Educational Data Management Division



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