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Team California for Healthy Kids Talking Points

Talking Points for Partners

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson has launched the Team California for Healthy Kids campaign. This campaign focuses on making healthy foods and beverages and physical activity accessible throughout the day, every day. Superintendent Torlakson is inviting schools, before and after school agencies, early childhood programs, families, and communities to join the campaign. We want healthy choices to be the easy choices.

Health Supports and Improves Academic Achievement and Attendance

Healthy Students Learn Better

Healthy Students Have Better Attendance

School Health Reduces Health Disparities

Disparities in health can compound already existing disparities in school achievement. Programs that work to reduce health risks that can narrow the academic gap include:

Healthy Foods and Beverages Support Learning and Health

Importance of Nutrition

Importance of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

One of the goals of the campaign is to increase access to fresh foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, by expanding the number of salad bars in schools, fresh fruits and vegetables in meals, and snacks in early childhood and after school programs.

These types of activities help young children shape their future food preferences and health behaviors.

Importance of Water

Physical Activity Improves Learning and Health

"Move to Learn!"

Research demonstrates that:

Studies also document that physical activity:

A Coordinated and Comprehensive Approach is Important

The local school wellness policy and wellness committee are key to improving the health environment and programs in schools.

An effective wellness committee includes many partners, such as local health agencies and professionals, community-based organizations, families, youths, business and community leaders, and elected officials.

Comprehensive interventions in the school setting address three key areas:

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