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CDEfisc E-mail Message of August 1, 2013

CDEfisc message of August 1, 2013 to County Offices of Education providing information about the Mandate Block Grant for fiscal year 2013-14.

Subject: 2013–14 Mandate Block Grant Application Released

Please forward this e-mail to the school districts and charter schools in your county.

The California Department of Education (CDE), School Fiscal Services Division has released the 2013–14 Mandate Block Grant (MBG) Application which will serve as each local educational agency’s Letter Requesting Funding. MBG funding is available to county offices of education, school districts, and charter schools that elect to participate.

County offices of education, school districts, and charter schools (both locally and direct funded) will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on obtaining a password to logon to the MBG Application.  The e-mail will be addressed to the contact identified in the California School Directory at If you are having trouble locating the e-mail, please notify CDE by e-mail at

A completed MBG Application must be submitted electronically by August 30, 2013, to receive 2013–14 MBG funding.

Please refer to the Mandate Block Grant Web page at: for information regarding the MBG, including links to correspondence, frequently asked questions, and the MBG Application.

Questions regarding the Mandate Block Grant should be addressed to
Questions:   Julie Klein Briggs | | 916-323-6191
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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