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Child Care Initiative Program New Form

Letter Head: Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education

December 10, 2013

Dear Director of Child Development Programs:

Subject: Child Care Initiative Program New Fiscal Reporting Form

A new reporting form has been created for Child Care Initiative Program (CCIP) agreements to allow contractors to report matching funds as unrestricted income, if so designated by the contributor. CCIP agreement revenue and expenses were previously reported on form CDFS 9529 and are now to be reported on form CDFS 9529 CCIP. The new form includes a line item for reporting matching funds as unrestricted income in Section I of the report.

Restricted and unrestricted income should now be differentiated on this new form. Determining whether matching funds income should be reported as restricted or unrestricted income is dependent upon how the income was designated by the contributor. Any additional revenue received above the match requirement should also be reported dependent upon how it was designated.

Contractors will be required to use the new form beginning in FY 2013–14. Child Development Fiscal Services reporting forms can be found at

Please contact your Fiscal Analyst if you have any questions. The analyst directory can be found at


Original signed by Phyllis A. Savage

Phyllis A. Savage, Staff Services Manager III
Fiscal and Administrative Services Division
Child Development and Nutrition Fiscal Services


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