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Funding Terms and Conditions Changes for 2014-15

Funding Terms and Conditions Changes to comply with 2014-15 requirements.

2014-15 FT&Cs Summary of Changes

The FT&Cs have been updated to comply with the 2014-2015 requirements. As a result of these revisions, contractors must read the FT&C that are relevant to their program to ensure that they are informed of these changes.

Changes to Funding Terms and Conditions
  • Dates throughout the document have been updated.
  • The entire document has been updated to reflect the name change of the Child Development Division (CDD) to Early Education and Support Division (EESD).
  • The following sections have also been updated and must be read in its entirety:
    • Definitions
    • General Provisions
    • Facilities and Equipment
    • Costs, Earnings and Reimbursement
    • Accounting and Reporting Requirements
    • Costs, Earnings and Reimbursement
    • Technical Assistance (new section added)
    • Contract Classifications
    • Appeals and Termination
    • Contract Status Change Procedures
    • Resolution of Contract Administration Disputes
    • Program Quality Requirements
    • Fee Schedule

Please note that any changes as a result of the enactment of the Budget will be incorporated into the amendments for 2014–2015.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 25, 2016
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