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Funding Terms and Conditions Changes for 2013-14

Funding Terms and Conditions Changes for 2013-14.
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2013-14 FT&Cs Summary of Changes

Any changes as a result of the enactment of the Budget will be incorporated into the amendments for 2013–14.

Revisions below are in addition to changes made with the 2012–13 amendments which are incorporated for all contract types. Please note that the page numbers cited below are based on the Center-Based program FT&Cs; therefore, the page numbers may be off by a few pages for the other program types. 

All Child Care Programs
Center- Based Child Care


Alternative Payment Programs (Non-CalWORKs)

(p. 77).

CalWORKs,  Stage 2

(p. 85).

CalWORKs, Stage 3
California Migrant Alternative Payment Program


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