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Guidance: EIA/SCE Ranking Decisions

2012-13 Consolidated Application guidance for EIA/SCE Ranking Decisions.
The following information is specific to COEs that operate active Juvenile Court Schools (JCSs).

Legislation in 2010 added Section 54021 to the California EC (Assembly Bill 1610, Chapter 724, Statutes of 2010). This allows COEs that operate JCSs to participate in the EIA program beginning in fiscal year (FY) 2010-11.

EIA funding for COE operated JCSs in 2011-12 will be based on:

  1. the schools' spring 2011 English Learner population counts
  2. adjusted Free Meal eligibility counts from October 2010
  3. a Weighted Concentration Factor (EC Section 54024).

The sum of the above three items will be multiplied by the 2011-12 Statewide Average of Funds Per Eligible Pupil for school districts, which is approximately $318 per pupil.

Fiscal questions can be directed to Ross Valentine, Education Programs Consultant, in the School Fiscal Services Division, at 916-327-4405, by FAX at 916-327-4873, or by e-mail at

Program and ConApp questions may be directed to Mark Klinesteker, Education Programs Consultant, Title I Monitoring and Support at 916-319-0420 or by e-mail at; or Geoffrey Ndirangu, Education Programs Consultant, English Learner Programs at 916-323-5831, or by e-mail at

The state establishes grade span group. For more information on grade span group assignment, refer to the School Grade Span Group Assignment section on page 25 of this document.

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