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CARS Update Flash #11

Memo to LEA representatives to provide an update on the CARS Spring schedule, suggestions for receiving improved service through the support desk, and Frequently Asked Questions.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Staff

From:       Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Project Team

Date:        May 11, 2012

Spring 2012 Schedule
We are taking a phased approach to releasing the Spring 2012 data collections. In Phase I, targeted for release on June 8, 2011, we will release those data collections that are associated with the 2010-11 Expenditure Reports, the 2011-12 Expenditure Reports and the 2012-13 Application for Funding first. Phase II, which is targeted for September 2012, would include data collections for the 2011-12 End of Year program reports (e.g., the Title I Part D student vocational outcomes).
Spring 2012 Phase I – Data Collections – Targeted for release on June 8, 2012
2010-11 Data Collections (Reporting)
2011-12 Data Collections (Reporting)
2012-13 Data Collections (Application for Funding)
Spring 2012 Phase II – Data Collections – Targeted for release September 2012
2010-11 Data Collections (Reporting)
2011-12 Data Collection (End of Year Reporting)
Improving CARS Support

We are doing our best to handle the high volume of service requests. One way you can help us to improve our response time is to provide a short description of your issue within the subject line of your e-mail when e-mailing the Consolidated Application (ConApp) Support Desk. This will help us to quickly prioritize service requests.

Here are some examples of good subject line entries:

Here are some examples of subject line entries that are not very helpful:

We also wanted you to share with you our protocol for handling tickets where there is no response from the customer. Specifically, if the CARS Support Desk member asks the LEA a question to clarify the request, if 10 days have passed and the LEA has not responded, we will assume the issue is resolved and will close the ticket.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm trying to complete my 2011-12 Title I, Part A LEA Allocations and keep getting error message: “The carryover amount must equal either the 12 or 15 month carryover amount.”
You must complete the 2010-11 Title I, Part A Carryover first. If you did not then you must enter an amount equal to either the 12 or 15 month carryover amount. You can copy the amount from the carryover data collection and paste it the LEA allocations form.

Q: I entered the 2010-11 Expenditures and encumbrances but my carryover is showing 100 percent and the system is telling me I have to complete a waiver. My carryover percent should be under 15 percent.
You must enter the whole amount of your expenditures and encumbrances on the September 2011 line then hit recalculate. If you expended everything by June, you still have to enter the amount in September. The waiver is based on the September carryover.

Q: I completed the waiver, why am I still getting this message: “Note: LEA is eligible for a waiver. If the waiver is not completed, the California Department of Education will invoice the LEA to return funds exceeding the 15 percent carryover limit.
The message is just a note; it will not prevent you from certifying the data collection. If you have completed the waiver you can ignore the note.

Q: Do I have to complete Section 2141 in 2011-12 Title II, Part A LEA Allocations and Reservations?
Section 2141 displays for all LEAs. The Title II, Part A program staff provided a list of LEAs who are required to complete the section. Only those LEAs on the list must complete the section. If you are not sure whether you need to complete the section, hit Save, and if a warning message appears, then you must complete it. If you did receive a warning message, you will not be able to certify the data collection until the section is completed. If you do not receive a warning message you can ignore the section. 

Q: On Title I, Part A School Allocations I have a school with a low income percent of 48 percent yet the Eligible flag is set to “N”. Why is this school not eligible?\
All schools with a low income percent equal to or greater than the district low income percent have Eligible flags set to “Y”. The school in question is below the district low income percent. You can still fund the school but you will have to use the exception code “a - Meets 35 percent Low Income Requirement.”

Quick Links Added to ConApp Related Web Pages

You may notice that we recently added some quick links to the top of the ConApp related web pages. We hope these links will make it easier for you to navigate through the content more quickly.

CARS Logon Page

The web address for the CARS screen is on the CARS Logon Web page.

For More Information on CARS

You can find more information on the CARS Web page.

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