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CARS NewsFlash #13

Memo to LEA representatives to provide an update on the CARS release and links to the ConApp instructions and guidance.
To: Local Educational Agency (LEA) Staff
From: CARS Project Team
Date: May 25, 2012
Certification and Signatures from CARS

The purpose of this message is to clarify obtaining certification signatures for submitting the 2011-12 Winter data collections (previously referred to as ConApp Part II).

Except for new LEAs submitting the ConApp for the first time, LEAs used the 2011-12 Consolidated Application, Part I (released in May 2011) Cover Page to record the applicable dates and certification signatures of the LEA superintendent, the District Advisory Committee (DAC) and the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC). More information on district advisory committees can be found on the CDE CARS Data Policies Web page. LEAs are expected to keep the hard copy Cover Page with signatures on file locally and be prepared to produce it if requested during a site monitoring visit. Please do not mail a hard copy of the signature page to the state.

For those LEAs that completed the 2011-12 Consolidated Application, Part I and submitted it prior to November, 2011, the dates of local board approval and advisory committees were migrated to the CARS system as certified data.

Some LEAs may be submitting their Application for Funding through CARS for the first time; that is, they didn’t use the former CADS system to prepare their Application for Funding.

In CARS, under the Data Entry tab, there are two data collections that gather the dates as follows:

In CARS, under the Reports tab, there are two district level reports that reflect the dates migrated from the Consolidated Application, Part I. However, neither of these reports, when printed, contain signature blocks for the LEA Superintendent or the advisory committee representatives.

If your LEA did not use the ConApp Part I to prepare your Application for Funding or you have taken a revised Application for Funding back to the board and applicable advisory committees, please print only the Cover Page from the attached ConApp Part I forms, enter the meeting dates, have your LEA Superintendent and advisory committee representatives sign the forms, and keep a hard copy on file. Note that it is important that you have meeting minutes that reflect the date(s) entered on the Cover Page.

2012-13 Consolidated Application Approval Prior to Consolidated Application Reporting System Release

The following serves to respond to a question raised at the May 2012 Categorical Program Directors meeting.

Q: Is it allowable for the DELAC and DAC to approve the application prior to the official release of CARS on June 8th since many schools will be out of session by then and it will be very difficult to hold a meeting before September. Is there any further guidance on this? 
A: We realize that this year’s late release of the 2012-13 Consolidated Application Reporting System may pose a dilemma for LEAs that want to take their 2012-13 application for funding to the DELAC and DAC before summer. In this situation, content, not form, is what matters. In other words, so long as the LEA can demonstrate that the content presented to the DELAC and DAC is consistent with what gets entered into the Spring 2012 Application for Funding and related documents, that would be acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are a direct funded charter that is not applying for any funding from the categorical programs administered through the Consolidated Application. Is there any data we must still submit through the Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS)?
A: Yes, direct funded charters must annually submit the Certification of Assurances (which certifies the charter is complying with applicable provisions in the Legal Assurances). If the charter receives funding from any ESEA program, the charter must also annually submit the Protected Prayer Certification.

For More Information on CARS

You can find more information on the CDE CARS Web page.

Questions:   ConApp Support Desk | | 916-319-0297
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