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CARS Update Flash #14

Memo to LEA representatives to provide provide information about Title I Part A, School Allocations upload and decimal points, and the Section 2141 on the Title II Part A, LEA Allocations/Reservations screen.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Staff

From:       Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Project Team

Date:        June 4, 2012

Title I, Part A School Allocations Upload and Decimal Points

In CARS, the Title I Part A, School Allocations is no doubt the most complicated data collection in the system – it certainly has the most complex business rules. Grappling with the unallocated amount further complicated things. Although we cannot change the program rules, we have tried to mitigate the frustration by not requiring the unallocated amount be zero. We provided the following tip in Newsflash #12, which we reiterate here.

Once you have allocated all dollars possible and have a positive unallocated amount, open either the Title I Part A, Reservations Required or Allowed, add the unallocated amount to one of your reservations for direct services, and then return to Title I Part A, School Allocations to verify the unallocated amount is less than $1.00 and not a negative amount. (Note: an amount displayed inside of parenthesis is a negative amount.)

Please note that if you designate the unallocated amount to a data entry on the Title I Part A, Reservations Required, you then need to re-save your Title I Part A, Reservations Allowed so that the allocation amount on the Title I Part A, Schools Allocations is updated.

The CARS is designed to work with two decimal places, not four, which is different from the past. Many LEAs have expressed frustration with the Title I Part A, School Allocation as they are attempting to get the unallocated amount to zero and cannot. Again, the system allows for a positive unallocated amount up to $1.

We have also received e-mails from several LEAs that have tried to upload a spreadsheet containing amounts with four decimal places to the Title I Part A, School Allocations in order to get the unallocated amount to zero. The CARS will not reject an uploaded file with four decimal places; however, uploading a spreadsheet with four decimal places will create a discrepancy between the recalculated unallocated amount versus the unallocated amount after saving the data collection, due to how the system rounds the uploaded numbers. To avoid the frustration caused by the discrepancy, we strongly recommend that you do not load a file with more than two decimal places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m getting the following error message on the Consolidated Application (ConApp) for the Title II Part A, LEA Allocations/Reservations data entry screen.I’ve read the guidance and instructions, but I’m not sure what this means. Can you help?

Severity Description
Warning This LEA does not have a Section 2141 agreement with California Department of Education (CDE). The total budgeted Section 2141 reservation amount cannot be greater than zero.

A: Currently, the form displays the Section 2141 for all LEAs, not just those with a 2141 agreement on file with the CDE. If your LEA does not have a 2141 agreement, skip this section. If you already entered data into this section and you don’t have an agreement with CDE, clear the entries in the fields in that section and then save. The warning message should clear.

Change Made During June 1, 2012 Maintenance Window
A minor change was made to the report for Title I Part A, Required Reservations such that it will no longer display the Program Improvement (PI) Professional Development section for an LEA that is not in PI.
For More Information on CARS

You can find more information on the CARS Web page.

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