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CARS Update Flash #15

Memo to LEA representatives to provide information about the CARS Spring 2012 Release, seeking assistance from a CDE Program staff person and information for LEAs that have not yet completed the Consolidated Application, Winter 2011 Release.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Staff

From:       Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Project Team

Date:        June 8, 2012

CARS Spring 2012 Release

This year, due to limited resources and time needed to develop and test, we are splitting the Spring 2012 release of the Consolidated Application (ConApp) into two phases. The Spring Phase I Release was targeted for June 8, 2012; however, due to the limited resources previously mentioned it will be released sometime next week.

The data collections released in Phase I will include:

The 2012-13 application for funding data collections deadline is 07/31/12, however all of the data collections will remain open during the fiscal year.

The 2011-12 FRPM Report is due 7/15/2012. (Instructions will be released at the same time the data collection is released.)

Important Note: Only certified submissions will be presented to the State Board of Education (SBE)*. To be included in the SBE agenda item applications must be submitted as follows:

* Caveat – if the California Department of Education (CDE) finds questionable data when extracting data for the SBE item, the LEA’s application may be postponed for inclusion in the SBE item. Also, LEAs that did not certify all of their Winter 2011 data collections will be excluded from the SBE item.

Spring Phase II release is targeted for September 2012

Spring Phase II will include additional 2010-11 expenditure reporting and 2011-12 end of school year activity reporting data collections. We will announce the release date when we get closer to September.

2011 Winter Submissions – Getting to the Finish Line

There are still a few LEAs that have some data collections with no data or draft data in them. We have worked through the long queue of service requests and are here to assist you if you need help. In addition, we have provided the CDE program staff with the list of LEAs and data collection names that have at least one data collection that is empty or in draft so that program staff may contact those LEAs to provide assistance. Following outreach, if no progress in data submission has been made by the LEA, we may contact the LEA administrator to discuss next steps.

When Asking a CDE Program Staff Person for Assistance

When an LEA seeks ConApp assistance from CDE, the person at CDE can view the LEA’s data only if that person is on the ConApp Support Desk. Other CDE staff, including program staff, cannot view the LEA data without express consent from the LEA.

When an LEA has a program-related question, it can be difficult for the CDE staff person to fully grasp the issue if the LEA does not provide the CDE staff person with access to the LEA’s data. Remember, only the ConApp Support Desk person can (by default) see draft data. That being the case, we strongly encourage LEAs, when seeking assistance from a CDE program person, to grant (at least temporarily) the CDE staff person read-only access to their data in CARS. To grant read-only access to the LEA’s ConApp, the LEA’s CARS User Administrator can take the following steps:

For More Information on CARS

You can find more information on the CARS Web page.

Questions:   ConApp Support Desk | | 916-319-0297
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