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CARS NewsFlash #30

NewsFlash #30 was sent to inform LEA representatives that e-mail systems may block important communications, and announce that reports for the Title I Student Demographics and School Program Improvement Activities are available.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Staff

From:       Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Project Team

Date:        November 21, 2012

Ensuring E-mail Delivery

As a reminder, some LEAs have e-mail systems configured to block e-mails with certain characteristics. Examples include e-mails with large attachments and e-mails from certain senders. Occasionally, we may send large documents out on our Consolidated Application (ConApp) listsrv. Although most of these documents are eventually posted to the CARS Web page, there may be a delay in getting posted. Also, there may be some documents we cannot post to our public Web site because they do not meet standards for Americans With Disabilities Act.

To ensure you receive all CARS related communications sent through our listsrv, we encourage you to contact your LEA’s technical support staff to discuss the importance of getting messages from our listsrv and working with them to configure your local e-mail service such that it does not block CARS related e-mails.


The reports for Title I, Part A School Student Demographics and Title I, Part A School Program Improvement (PI) Activities were released today.

Title I, Part A PI Expenditures and Reallocation Criteria

Today, the following two changes were released for Title I, Part A PI Expenditures and Reallocation Criteria:

  • If all of the program improvement schools in the district are in PI Year 1 only, the first two Reallocation Criteria are reviewed. If the district has one or more schools in PI Year 2 or beyond, all five Reallocation Criteria are reviewed.
  • If the LEA did not expend or encumber 50% of the PI set aside or an amount equivalent to 10% of the LEA's entitlement plus transfers-in , the LEA will be allowed to select Reallocation Exemption “Provided Choice and/or Supplemental Educational Services to all eligible students using less than the 20% obligation”. When the LEA saves the data collection, the system will display a warning message, which will not prevent certification, that this will be reviewed by California Department of Education program staff.

The data collection is still open. If you used one of the recommended workarounds provided before the changes were implemented, it is important that you edit and recertify those data collections. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Sometimes, when I open a data collection displayed on my Home tab, the data entry form says: No schools need data entered at this time (data collection is not relevant to the LEA). Why can’t CARS just not display the data collection on my Home tab?

A: In some cases, relevancy (i.e., whether or not a data collection is applicable to the LEA) is easy for the system to determine. For example, it is relatively easy to determine relevancy based on whether or not the LEA received an entitlement for a particular program, in which case CARS will not display any collections associated with that particular program. In other cases, there may be a number of complex criteria that have to be considered to determine relevancy, and those criteria cannot be determined until the data entry form is opened. In these cases, the note displayed at the top of the form reflects the criteria taken into consideration.

Q: Why does the system time out in the middle of my data entry?

A: The system is set to time out after an hour of inactivity. The system resets the timer each time data is saved. If you are working in a data collection, periodically save the data collection, even if it is incomplete or not all business rules have been met. This will reset the timer. If you are entering school level data for a large district and periodically saving data is not reasonable, we recommend downloading the Schools Template, entering the school data using Excel, and then uploading the Schools File. (Note: you will need to perform a “Save As” to .xls format when saving the School Template.) Also, if you have multiple browser sessions of CARS open, if one session times out, all sessions will automatically time out.

Q: I use to be able to enter partial numbers for Title II, Part A School Class Size Reduction in the ConApp Data System (CADS), why won’t CARS allow me to enter partial numbers?

A: Title II, Part A School Class Size Reduction has never allowed partial numbers. Title II, Part A and Title I, Part A staff reports were grouped into a single page in CADS. The Title I, Part A staff fields allowed a partial number to be entered; whereas the Title II, Part A did not. If a partial number is allowed, CARS displays an example of the number format at the top of the column (e.g., 0.00). For fields that collect partial numbers, if the number you are entering is les than 1, the system will require you enter the leading zero (e.g,. 0.25).

For More Information on CARS

You can find more information on the CARS Web page.

If you have any further questions regarding CARS, feel free to e-mail the ConApp Support Desk at

Questions:   ConApp Support Desk | | 916-319-0297
Last Reviewed: Friday, October 16, 2015

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