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CARS NewsFlash #36

NewsFlash #36 was sent to LEA representatives to clarify the process of requesting that a data collection be reopened.
To:        Local Educational Agency (LEA) Staff
From:   CARS Project Team
Date:         March 22, 2013
Subject:    CARS Update FLASH #36
Requesting the Re-open of a Data Collection

The Consolidated Application Reporting System (CARS) process does not allow an LEA to change its submitted data once a data collection period is closed.

However, there may be rare cases where an LEA must revise or complete a closed data collection. This procedure outlines the steps to follow for re-opening a data collection.

Generally, there are usually two situations where an LEA may need to request that the California Department of Education (CDE) re-open a CARS data collection. The first is in the event of a finding during a Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) review. The second is when the LEA has applied for funding in the current year but has not completed its submissions for the previous year. In this second case, until the LEA completes its prior year data collections, it will not be included on the Consolidated Application Item for State Board of Education.

There may be other situations that lead to an LEA requesting a data collection be re-opened.

If an LEA is required in a Notification of Findings (NOF) to change the allocations reported in the CARS) for 2011–12 or has been told to complete a prior year data collection, the LEA must send an e-mail to the ConApp Support desk containing:

  • Subject Line – Requesting re-opening of CARS Data Collection;
  • LEA Name;
  • LEA CDS Code;
  • Full name of person requesting re-opening; (Note: This person must already have access to the system, and have appropriate role assigned.)
  • Contact information of person requesting re-opening (e-mail and phone);
  • Copy of the FPM finding (resolution paragraph) in the NOF (if applicable);
  • The specific data collection(s) that need to be revised;
  • Name of the CDE program staff person that has directed the LEA to revise or complete the data collection.

When the Educational Data Management Division re-opens the data collection window, it will be opened only for a very short time (in most cases only one day). The timing of when the data collection is opened will depend on the ConApp Support team’s priorities, workload, data collection cycles, and the availability of program staff.

As needed, CDE staff will follow up as needed with LEA staff to ensure the corrections are satisfactorily completed.

Additional Information

Additional information about the CARS is available on the CDE CARS Web page.

If you have any further questions regarding CARS, please contact the ConApp Support Desk by e-mail at

Questions:   ConApp Support Desk | | 916-319-0297
Last Reviewed: Friday, June 26, 2015

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