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Guidance: Advisory Committee Review

2013-14 Consolidated Application guidance for the Advisory Committee Review.

Each participating school district participating in Economic Impact Aid/State Compensatory Education shall establish a district advisory committee (DAC) and shall also establish a school advisory committee (SAC) at each participating school. Advisory councils established pursuant to this article shall comply with the ESEA, Title I, law and regulations pertaining to advisory committees. These committees shall include broad representation of the parent population served by this district or school respectively including socio-economic and ethnic groups represented in the district or school attendance area. (California Code of Regulations Title 5 [5 CCR], Section 4423) Per Education Code (EC) Section 54425, parents shall constitute a majority of the membership of district and school advisory committees on compensatory education programs. The parent representatives shall be elected by parents of pupils participating in the compensatory education programs and residing in the district.

District English Learner Advisory Committees (DELAC) on education programs and services for English learners shall be established in each school district with more than 50 English learners in attendance. English Learner Advisory Committees (ELAC) on education programs and services for English learners shall be established in each school with more than 20 English learners in attendance. Both DELAC and ELAC shall be established in accordance with EC Section 62002.5. (5 CCR Section 11308 [a]).

The Consolidated Application shall include certifications by appropriate district advisory committees (DAC & DELAC) that the application was developed with review and advice of those committees. For any consolidated application that does not include the necessary certifications or assurances, the department shall initiate an investigation to determine whether the consolidated application was developed in accordance with law and with the involvement of applicable advisory committees (EC Section 64001).

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 27, 2015

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