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Instructions: 2013-14 Certification of Assurances

Consolidated Application, Spring Release program instructions for the 2013-14 Certification of Assurances.
Data Collection Purpose

The submission of the Certification of Assurances is required every fiscal year. Before certifying any other data, the information below must be certified. The local educational agency (LEA) will only be prompted for this information once per fiscal year. A complete list of legal assurances for the fiscal year is available on the Consolidated Application (ConApp) Legal Assurances Web page. Once certified, the Certification of Assurances will be available under Reports for printing purposes.


  1. This data collection can only be edited by a user with the role of Authorized Representative (AR). It can be viewed by anyone but the save button is removed from the display.
  2. The ConApp and Reporting System (CARS) will require the AR to certify the assurances before any other data collection can be certified.

California Department of Education (CDE) Program Staff Contact

Joy Paull, 916-319-0297,

Preloaded Data

Date of LEA Plan Approval by the State Board of Education: CARS will supply this source data from the LEA Plan Web page.

Step Action Program Instructions
1 Provide the online location for the LEA plan, inclusive of the immigrant and youth plans. All LEAs that receive Title III funds and any LEA that receives Title I funds and is in Program Improvement Corrective Action, must certify on its ConApp that its LEA Plan, including any Addenda to the Plan, is current and provide the local online Web address for the LEA Plan.

Error Message: The LEA Plan Web site is required.

Resolution: If the LEA is either participating in Title III Immigrant or limited English proficient (LEP), or is in Program Improvement, then the LEA Plan Web site is required.

2 Provide the AR Full Name of the LEA superintendent or designee. The signature is required to certify that all applicable state and federal rules and regulations will be observed, that all assurances will be adhered to, and that the use of all funds will be subject to review or audit according to standards and criteria of the CDE current Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) Training Guide and the Standards and Procedures for Audits of California K-12 Local Educational Agencies, which is used by certified public accounting firms that audit LEAs. Copies of the 2012-13 Draft FPM Training Guide were provided at Categorical Program Monitoring institutes conducted by the CDE in fall of 2012. For information on how to order additional copies, contact the CDE Press at 800-995-4099.
3 Enter the AR Title of the LEA superintendent or designee. Provide the title of the AR.
4 Enter the AR Signature Date of the signature of the LEA superintendent or designee. Provide the date of the AR’s signature.
Error Messages
Error Message Resolution
AR Full Name is required. Provide the name of the AR.
AR Title is required. Provide the title of the AR.
AR Signature Date is required. Provide the date of the AR’s signature.
The LEA Plan web site is required. The LEA is either participating in Title III Immigrant/LEP or is in program improvement. If prior year Title III LEP funding = Y or Title III Immigrant funding = Y or if the LEA is in Title I, Part A program improvement then the LEA Plan web site is required.
The AR Signature Date cannot be blank or before 4/28/13 nor later than 6/30/2014. Ensure that the date is correct.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
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