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Instructions: 2012-13 RLIS Activity Report

Consolidated Application, Spring Release program instructions for the 2012-13 Title VI, Part B, RLIS Activity Report.
Data Collection Purpose

Identify how Title VI, Part B, Subpart II Rural Low Income Schools (RLIS) grant funds were used by the LEA.

This data collection will only be available to LEAs receiving the Title VI, Part B, Subpart II RLIS grant.

If RLIS funds will be used for Educational Technology, the following are example of qualifying activities:

  • Increasing accessibility to technology, particularly through public-private partnerships, with special emphasis on accessibility for high-need schools.
  • Adapting or expanding applications of technology to enable teachers to increase student academic achievement, including technology literacy, through teaching practices that are based on the review of relevant research and through use of innovative distance learning strategies.
  • Implementing proven and effective courses and curricula that include integrated technology and that are designed to help students reach challenging academic standards.
  • Using technology to promote parental involvement and foster communication among students, parents, and teachers about curricula, assignments, and assessments.
  • Preparing one or more teachers in schools as technology leaders who will assist other teachers, and providing bonus payments to the technology leaders.
  • Enhancing existing technology and acquiring new technology to support education reforms and to improve student achievement.
  • Acquiring connectivity linkages, resources, and services for use by students and school personnel to improve academic achievement.
  • Using technology to collect, manage, and analyze data to inform and enhance teaching and school improvement efforts.
  • Implementing enhanced performance measurement systems to determine the effectiveness of education technology programs funded with Ed Tech funds.
  • Developing, enhancing, or implementing information technology courses.

CDE Program Staff Contact

School Turnaround Office, 916-319-0833

Step Action Program Instructions
1 Check the Y or N box depending on whether RLIS funds were expended. Check whichever box applies.
2 Check the Teacher Recruitment and Retention box if funds were expended for this purpose. Include the use of signing bonuses and other financial incentives.
3 Check the Teacher Professional Development box if funds were expended for this purpose. Include programs that train teachers to utilize technology to improve teaching and to train special needs teachers.
4 Check the Parent Involvement activities box if funds were expended for this purpose. Check the box, if applicable.
5 Check the Title I, Part A Authorized Activities box if funds were expended for this purpose. Please see the Title I, Part A Web page for more information.
6 Check the Title III, Authorized Activities box if funds were expended for this purpose. Include language instruction for LEP and Immigrant students.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, August 31, 2015
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