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Instructions: 2012-13 EIA Carryover

Consolidated Application, Winter Release program instructions for the 2012-13 Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Carryover.
Data Collection Purpose

Funds allocated as EIA must be used as originally purposed for English learners and educationally disadvantaged youth. The categorical intent continues to be in effect for funds previously allocated. The purpose of this data collection is to identify carryover funds for fiscal year 2013–14 use.

This data collection will only be displayed if the local educational agency received a 2012–13 EIA entitlement.


EIA-Limited English Proficient funds are to be used to supplement the instructional program for English learners.

CDE Program Staff Contact

EIA: Alan Frank
Education Programs Consultant
Title I Monitoring and Support Office

LEP: Sonia Petrozello
Education Administrator I
Technical Assistance and Monitoring Office

Step Action Program Instructions
1 EIA Carryover: Enter the amount of EIA Carryover from 2012–13.

Enter the amount of Carryover that remains from 2012–13.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, October 23, 2015

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