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SACS Minutes, October 2013, Attachment A

This document is Attachment A to the Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) Forum meeting minutes for October 14, 2013.
Proposed SACS2013ALL Software updates to interim reporting periods

The following SACS2013ALL software updates are for interim reporting periods only. Updates are needed due to the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

Global Changes
Revise Fund Forms
Delete Supplemental Forms

Form JUV—Juvenile Court and County Community Schools Account
Discontinue this form, effective 2013–14 interims.

Forms RLI, RLICC, and RLIDC—Revenue Limit Summary
Discontinue these forms, effective 2013–14 interims.

Revise Supplemental Forms

Form MYPI—Multiyear Projections
Section A, Revenues and Other Financing Sources
Remove all the detail lines of Line 1, LCFF/Revenue Limit Sources, and unlock subsequent years 1 and 2 to allow key entry. Applies to districts only.
Revise Criteria and Standards

Form 01CSI—Criteria and Standards Review
Average Daily Attendance Criterion 1
Section 1A Calculating the District's ADA Variances: Modify the First Interim column (2nd column) to no longer extract ADA from forms RLI and MYPI, and unlock to allow key entry. Applies to districts only.

Technical Review Checks—Delete

Delete the following technical review checks (TRCs) related to Form RLI/RLICC/RLIDC, for interims:

Delete the following TRCs related to Form JUV, for interims:

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