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Ltr7-11: Charter School Facility Grant Program

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter

June 25, 2012

Dear Select County Superintendents, Auditors, and Treasurers:


This apportionment, in the amount of $8,181,195 is made from funds appropriated in Item 6110-220-0001 of the Budget Act of 2011 (Chapter 33, Statutes of 2011). The Charter School Facility Grant Program provides reimbursement funding to eligible charter schools pursuant to California Education Code Section 47614.5. Funding is based on $750 per unit of classroom based average daily attendance (ADA), as certified at the second principal apportionment, covering up to 75 percent of annual facilities rent and lease costs for the charter school, less any amount received from the California School Finance Authority’s Charter School Facility Incentive Grant.

The apportionment reflects the 2010–11 annualized funding amount of each charter school’s report of eligible expenditures, less any payments made in prior apportionments, and is based on the charter school’s certified claim for final reimbursement submitted with the charter school’s application. The funding amount was recalculated to reflect classroom based ADA, as certified at the 2010–11 second principal apportionment, and represents the total amount for each charter school based on reported 2010–11 facility expenses. The California Department of Education is reviewing the expenditure claims. The funding amounts will be reduced if supporting documentation does not substantiate the amount requested and funded for reimbursement. Charter schools that are determined to have been overpaid or ineligible will be invoiced or, in some cases, the overpaid amount will be offset or deducted from the charter school’s or authorizing local educational agency’s monthly principal apportionment payment or other apportionment payments.

The amount to be allocated to each eligible charter school is separately identified on the enclosed schedule (Enclosure 1). Funding for direct-funded charter schools is paid directly to the school; funding for locally funded charter schools is paid to the authorizing local educational agency (LEA). Warrants will be mailed to each county treasurer approximately four weeks from the date of this notice. For standardized account code structure coding, use Resource Code 6030, Charter Schools Facilities Lease, and Revenue Object Code 8590, All Other State Revenue. County superintendents of schools are requested to inform charter schools and their authorizing LEAs immediately of this apportionment.

If you have any questions regarding this apportionment, or the Charter School Facility Grant Program, please contact the Charter Schools Division, by phone at 916-322-6029 or by e-mail at


Deborah V.H. Sigman, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
District, School and Innovation Branch

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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