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PCSGP Form 4 Budget Instructions

Public Charter Schools Grant Program budget instructions.

Instructions for Completing the Proposed Budget Summary (PCSGP Form 5)

The applicant must include the Proposed Budget Summary (PCSGP Form 5) and a Budget Narrative (PCSGP Form 6). Sub-grant funds are intended to support the final planning and initial operation of the charter school.


Instructions for Completing the Budget Narrative (PCSGP Form 6)

The Budget Narrative must provide more detail regarding the information provided in the Proposed Budget Summary and support actions and activities identified in the narrative response and the Charter School Work Plan/Activities.

Use the Budget Narrative form to describe the costs associated with each activity reflected in the budget. The Budget Narrative must clearly identify those activities that are related to costs included in the planning and implementation columns on the Proposed Budget Summary (PCSGP Form 5).

See the complete list of California Account Codes in Form 8.

Be sure that your Charter School name appears in the header on all pages.

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