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Request for Applications

Environmental Education

Note: The due date for the request for applications has passed. This page is for reference and administration of funding.

Environmental Education (EE) provides California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network Grants to support programs that will result in long-term educational benefits to California educators and students within their California County Superintendents Educational Service Region. The CREEC Network plays a vital role in connecting California educators with professional development and information about high-quality, standards-based environmental education programs. Because of this essential function, this Request for Application (RFA) only seeks proposals to support the operation of the 11 Superintendents regions of the CREEC Network.

Program Questions: Jim Greco, e-mail:, tel. 916-323-6189

Downloading Questions: Alice Ng, e-mail:, tel. 916-323-4636

Document Description
Request for Application
(DOC; 773 KB; 25 pp.)
Instructions and application for fiscal years (FYs) 2007-10 (pending passage of the Budget Acts for FYs 2007-08, 2008-09, and 2009-2010).

Certifications and Assurances



Drug-Free Workplace
CDE-100DF (Aug-2005)

Certification for state or federal grants. Download, complete, sign, and submit the certification with the application.
General Assurances
CDE-100A (Revised Aug-2005)
Required for grants supported by state or federal funds. The signed grant application submitted to the CDE confirms a commitment to comply with the general assurances.

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