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Recip2-07: APTFR

Advanced Placement Test Fee Reimbursement (APTFR) Program second apportionment schedule detailing funding for fiscal year 2007-08.
Schedule of the Second Apportionment for the
Advanced Placement Exam Fees Program
Fiscal Year 2007-08
Los Angeles
County Code District Code Local Educational Agency School School Amount
19 64733
Los Angeles Unified
Garfield (James A.) Senior High 36,848
19 64733 Los Angeles Unified Hollywood Senior High 29,939
19 64733 Los Angeles Unified Lincoln (Abraham) Senior High 33,957
Los Angeles County Total $100,744
State Total $100,744
Questions: Julie Klein Briggs | | 916-323-6191 
Last Reviewed: Thursday, November 5, 2015

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