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Funding Results

California School Age Families Education Program apportionment letters and schedules detailing funding for fiscal year 2008-09.

Program Questions:


Fourth Apportionment

Fourth Apportionment Letter 20-Nov-2009
Schedule of the Fourth Apportionment (XLS)

Third Apportionment

Third Apportionment Letter 29-May-2009
Schedule of the Third Apportionment (XLS)

Second Apportionment

Second Apportionment Letter 15-Dec-2008
Schedule of the Second Apportionment (XLS)

First Apportionment

First Apportionment Letter 24-Nov-2008

Schedule of the First Apportionment
County Code District Code Local Educational Agency Estimated Service Level 15 Percent of Service Level (Start-Up) 100 Percent Apportionment PCA - 24000
19 64907 Pomona USD $649,782 $97,467 $97,467
Los Angeles Total $97,467
State Total $97,467

Last Reviewed: Thursday, July 16, 2015

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