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Ltr1-09: Economic Impact Aid

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
July 31, 2009

Dear Select County Superintendents of Schools, Auditors, and Treasurers:


This apportionment, in the amount of $4,728,429, is made from funds provided by Item 6110-128-0001 of the Budget Act of 2009 (Chapter 1, Statutes of 2009). These funds support the Economic Impact Aid (EIA) program.

County superintendents of schools are requested to immediately notify the local educational agencies (LEAs) in their county of the information included in this apportionment. This letter, along with the payment schedule, is posted on the CDE Web site at

Some LEAs received less than their full 2008–09 entitlement with the June 30, 2009 apportionment. This 2009–10 special apportionment provides an amount comparable to that shortfall, with the intent to immediately assist the LEA from a cash flow perspective. This is a payment against each LEA’s EIA entitlement for 2009–10. The 2008–09 final payments will be made when the 2008–09 funds overpaid to other LEAs are returned to the State, around September 2009.

There is no restriction on the amount of EIA funds that may be carried over from year to year. For SACS coding, use Resource Code 7090, Economic Impact Aid (EIA); or Resource Code 7091, Economic Impact Aid (EIA) English Learner or Limited English Proficient; and Revenue Object Code 8311, Other State Apportionments-Current Year.

If you have any questions regarding this EIA apportionment, please contact Ross Valentine, Consultant, Categorical Allocations & Audit Resolution Unit, at 916 327-4405 or by e-mail at [Note: the preceding contact is no longer valid and has been replaced by, Principal Apportionment and Special Education Office, by phone at 916 324-4541 or by e-mail at]


Susan Lange, Deputy Superintendent
Finance, Technology, and Administration Branch

Last Reviewed: Monday, January 9, 2017
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