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Funding Results

Economic Impact Aid

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Economic Impact Aid entitlements, apportionment letters, and schedules detailing funding information for fiscal year

Program Questions: Mark Klinesteker, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0420

Fiscal Questions: Ross Valentine, e-mail:, tel. 916-327-4405


Fourth Apportionment

Letter of the Fourth Apportionment 24-May-2011
Schedule of the Fourth Apportionment (XLS; 185KB; 29pp.)

Third Apportionment

Letter of the Third Apportionment 15-Mar-2011
Schedule of the Third Apportionment (XLS; 169KB; 23pp.)

Second Apportionment

Letter of the Second Apportionment 31-Jan-2011
Schedule of the Second Apportionment (XLS; 185KB; 36pp.)

First Apportionment

Letter of the First Apportionment 15-Nov-2010
Schedule of the First Apportionment (XLS; 173KB; 27pp.)


Schedule of 2010-11 EIA Entitlement Data (XLS; 300KB; 22pp.)
EIA Cash Entitlement Basic Aid Reductions (Revised 24-May-2011; XLS; 279KB; 27pp.)

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